Harry Potter & Social Networking – Pottermore.com

Pottermore.com is a new website brining web 2.0 to the Harry Potter fans. This is a website by J.K Rowling combining facebook with wikipedia for its fans. The website has been in Beta & will be open ti public by October. There is also a twitter feed for getting updates about the site. New ebooks by the author will also be available & users can join communities, share experiences & also discuss about Harry Potter. The website is free to join & will be available in many languages like Italian, Hispanic among others. This will bring together millions of Potter fans together & also helps increase the interest among the fans.

Angry Birds hits 200 million downloads

Angry birds has hit 200 million downloads. It was first available on Apple ios & then has been extended to cover most of the platforms available. Today installed it on Chrome OS & played it. Really addictive & entertaining. Has been downloaded much on Apple devices. This is designde by a finnish company Rovio. They are even planning to merchandise the games. Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are the different games versions & is available on major smartphone platforms, consoles, PC and Mac. Merchandise is also selling in great numbers.