How Google’s Click to Call in Organic & Paid Mobile Search Results Influence Purchase Decision? – A Study

Google commissioned Ipsos, an independent market research company, to find out how Click to Call in Organic & Paid Mobile Search Results Influence Purchase Decision. 1500 Mobile searches who made the purchase were used to understand the process. Some of the key findings from the study are

1) A 3rd of mobile searchers need to directly call a business from the search results.
2) Adding a phone number to mobile search ads results in an avg CTR increase of 8%
3) 52% of Mobile searchers find the call button useful
4) 72% of clicks on a mobile search ad call button lasts longer than 30 seconds.
5) on Average 40 million calls are driven by Google ads each month
6) Lack of call button can damage consumer’s perception of business.

Access the Study at Google Think Insights

Google Click to Call

Google Click to Call

Checklist for Mobile website Improvement to drive more search traffic & better user experience

Rapid increase in mobile browsing & search has led to better design of mobile sites & faster loading times. Mobile websites should be built properly to drive more traffic from search & provide better customer experience. Some of the check list from Google webmaster central to improve mobile websites are

1) Optimize mobile persona workflows for your site.
2) Build for mobile behaviour & also provide for social sharing.
3) Remove cumbersome extra windows from all mobile user-agents & remove features that require plugins or videos which may not be found in the users device.
4) High traffic & poor user experience mobile pages should be designed properly.
5) Tablet users be served with the desktop version or if available, the tablet version.
6) Optimize crawling, Indexing & search experience. Unblock resources that are robots.txt disallowed. Implement search engine best practices.
7) Have a seperate mobile site & include CSS @media query.
8) Search integration with mobile apps.

15 Years of Google – An Infographic on How Google is dominating the Web

Google, which is celebrating 15 years this week, has grown to become a dominant force in the web.  Search, Android, Google Adwords, Adsense, Maps & others are some of the important areas of Google.  The chart below shows the market share of Google in some of its areas.

You will find more statistics at Statista

60 million women in India online – Google’s Women and Web Study

Google has released a study titled “Women and Web Study” which helps understand internet usage patterns & purchase decision making of women internet users in India. The study took into account the search query data for top women oriented search categories in India. online research was done by TNS Australia. Some of the findings of the study are

1) 60 Million Women are online in India
2) Accessing Internet through Home computer, office, Smartphones, tablets & Cyber Cafes
3) Online Women are more affluent & younger
4) 75% are in the 15-34 age group, with over 24 million women accessing the Internet daily.
5) Search Categories on Google in India are: apparel & Accessories is the biggest search category followed by food & drink, baby care, hair care & skin care.
6) Internet research influenced their decision-making process. Internet influence was the highest for skin care at 72%, baby care at 69% and hair care at 65%.
7) Email, search and social networking are the biggest drivers for women.
8) Women account for 40% of the total monthly YouTube user base in India.

Google India launches “Start Searching India” Campaign

Google  India has launched “Start Searching India” Campaign in India on Monday. This is an initiative by Google to get the most out of Google search. India which is seeing a rapid growth of mobile browsing has become a top market for internet companies. Google launched this initiative in Chandigarh, which is the top city internet usage city in India. A new site has been launched by Google at This shows how they can get instant answers to their most-common queries.

Many are moving from no internet to mobile internet. Searching for even small requirements like movies, restaurants, hotels & others on Google search has become a trend in India. People are looking for relevant information in the shortest time possible with great accuracy. Google has been improving its search results with many tweaks in Algorithm.

On this newly launched website, one can look for information on weather, flights, ATM, research, movies & news. Researching topics has become easier with this new Google tool. Live arrival & departure information for flights is also available with flight number & airlines.


Search Engine DuckDuckGo’s traffic explodes after PRISM news – Crosses 2 Million Daily searches

With NSA’s PRISM program of collecting information from tech companies going main stream, Search engine DuckDuckGo, has seen a huge increase in its searches. On its privacy page, the search engine states, “does not collect or share personal information. ” Since it doesn’t track the users, there is no way to base the ads on the users profile. Rather it is based on the keywords.This search engine was started in 2008 & in 2009 it was decided not to collect the IP addresses.

Google & other search engines collect user data & advts are based on the users profile. The site which usually gets 1.7 to 1.8 million searches daily, got a record searches of around 2.2 million on Monday. Below is a traffic stats chart showing how the search queries are increasing daily. After the media feature & Bloomberg TV interview, there is a significant increase in Traffic.


Google’s “x-default hreflang” for International Landing Pages

Websites which target globally many countries have usually a dropdown in the home page to select language & country. Sometimes they are configured to point visitors to localized pages by redirects or through changing the content to the user’s language. rel-alternate-hreflang annotation is a new way supported by Both Google & Yandex to specify homepages. This would look like

<link rel=”alternate” href=”;   hreflang=”x-default” />

<link rel=”alternate” href=”;    hreflang=”en-us” />      Targetted for US

The new x-default hreflang attribute value tells the Google algorithm that is the default page & doesn’t target any country or language. This helps webmasters set x-default hreflang attribute value to suit particular requirements of the country based websites. This can be done through sitemaps or through HTML coding. More info about the same can be had at official Google Webmaster Central blog

Google’s +1 vs Facebook’s Like

Google has introduced +1, similar to Facebook’s Like. Google has been taking the search experience more social with this +1. Google will be slowly rolling this out, however it is avaialble in experimental search site. +1 stands for “this is pretty cool”. By logging into the google accounts, you can add this feature from their experimental site. Go to & search with a keyword. This +1 appears & you can click on to recommend it. All the +1′s you have made will be availble in your Google profiles. This is a smart move by Google with the increasing of Facebook’s like.

Google Search Preview Traffic in Analytics

Google’s search preview option gives a preview of the website. This is a nice feature particularly when you are searching something specific & no need to open all the sites. Google search preview executes a javascript to show the previews & for the last few days since the launch this is showing up as a page view in the analytic programs. This might not influence the total traffic of the website since this is a very small percentage of the total traffic.