Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie – The Most Retweeted Post Ever

During the 86th Academy Awards, Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie has become the Most Retweeted Post Ever. During the live show (8:30 p.m.-12:00 midnight ET) there were more than 14.7 million Tweets around the world containing terms related to the telecast of the event. The tweet has got 2,494,813 retweets & 1,233,198 favorites. After the show, @TheEllenShow’s follower growth was 47 times more than her average daily growth rate this year. Find out more Twitter stats about the show at Twitter’s blog

Ellen DeGeneres oscars selfie

Ellen DeGeneres oscars selfie

#RahulSpeakstoArnab – Social Media Reactions & its impact on 2014 General Elections

Rahul Gandhi’s interview on Times Now channel by Arnab Goswami created a lot of furore on social media. #RahulSpeakstoArnab, #RahulGandhi & many other tweets related to the interview was trending on Twitter. Facebook, twitter, Youtube & other social media platforms provided a great avenue for discussion related to the interview. Millions of tweets & impressions on #RahulSpeakstoArnab made the hashtag trend in the top spot.

This also made Times Now channel to be the first on twitter with millions of mentions. Social Media will play an important role in the next 2014 general elections. Social Media will play a key role in More than 100′s of Lok Sabha constituencies. Political parties have also taken to social media to woo the voters. Many are hiring PR agencies to actively build their social profile. Below is a slideshow on Top Tweets on #RahulSpeakstoArnab.

Vine Videos can now be experienced on the web at Vine.co

Vine, twitter’s popular video service, can now be experienced on the web at Vine.co. Initially launched as a mobile app, has grown to become a very popular video service. It is available on iOS, Android & Windows app as well. Login to vine.co to view your home feed and like, comment, and share videos like you do on app. You can also share your profile so others can see your posts. A new feature “TV mode” has been added on the web to watch vine videos. Clicking TV mode lets you view the collection of videos in sequence.



Major Social Media Events – 2013

Social Media played a crucial role in 2013 for brands, news, marketers & others. Social media established itself as a top priority area for brands to focus & connect with the customers. 2013 also saw the rise of Vine & Instagram videos. Pinterest, Facebook mobile, Twitter & youtube had a great year in 2013.

The State of Social Media 2013
The State of Social Media 2013 by Infographic Promotion

Fastest Growing Apps in the world – Vine, Flickr, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook Messenger & others

Twitter’s vine is the fastest growing app in the world. Its user base grew 403% between Q1’13 & Q3’13. With millions of users, vine has become a popular tool for marketers. Many marketers are using vine videos to connect with their customers & also for promotions. Flickr & Instagram are in the 2nd & 3rd positions with a growth of 146% & 130% respectively. Top 3 apps are related to Video/Pics Sharing. Whats app & Facebook Messenger are chat related apps with a growth of 123% & 107% respectively. Amongst the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube are in the list.

You will find more statistics at Statista

What are the top Differences Between Instagram & Vine Videos?

With the introduction of Instagram videos, the social media video war has begun between Instagram & Vine. Twitter first introduced Vine videos which became a big hit for Twitter. Vine received great reviews & its membership base kept growing. First with the iOS app & then app for andorid was introduced. Instagram, primarily a photo app, also came out with videos. The initial response to Instagram videos was great with millions of videos uploaded. Some of the important differences between the 2 are

1) Video Length : Instagram – 15 sec & Vine – 6 seconds
2) Filters : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
3) Image Stabilization : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
4) Cover Frame : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
5) Embeddable : Instagram – Yes & Vine – yes
6) Photo Map : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
7) Geotagging : Instagram – Yes & Vine – Yes
8) Looping : Instagram – No & Vine – yes

Brands have already started using both the instagram & vine videos for marketing activities. Several promotions have been done on Vine using crowdsourcing. Movies are releasing clips on Instagram & Vine. Recently Steve Jobs movie, Jobs, has been released on Instagram. Honda is using Vine to respond to specific customer tweets.

#VineonVine by #Nordstorm Social #Puma #Fashion

The White House & Social Media – How White House is Engaging Through Social Media?

President Obama has debuted on Instagram with the opening of an official White House account on Wednesday. There are instagram Videos as well & have received thousands of likes. Since Obama’s election in 2008, the White house has been active on many social media networks. Obama has been successful in using Social media for winning in the elections.

There is also a social hub on White house website listing all the social media profiles & showing how President Obama is committed to making this the most open and participatory administration. You can join online events with the White House officials, asking questions & also participate in various activities. On these profiles you’ll find news from the blog, behind-the-scenes photos/videos & other interesting stuff.

  • The White House has an offical Pinterest page with 179 pins & 9 boards.
  • The White House joined Tumble in 2013 & the official page is at
  • The White House Instagram has got 78824 followers & 7 photos has been posted.
  • The White House has a channel on Vimeo with 4,597 followers & 847 videos
  • The White house joined Youtube during his inauguration in 2009 & have posted thousands of videos & with thousands of followers

white house

#GalaxyVine – Samsung uses Twitter’s Vine for Galaxy Promo

Twitter’s Vine has become the latest to be used for marketing activities by the brands. Several campaigns have already been done on vine. Vine is a Twitter’s 6-second mobile video recording application. Recently Vine was released for Google’s Android. Samsung, world leader in smartphones, has used Vine effectively for its marketing activity.

The vine itself consists of 3 different videos on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It also used the hashtag #galaxyvine for this creative campaign. This has been used as a part of Samsung’s marketing activity to download & share vine videos on their Galaxy smartphones.


UCLA Health Uses Vine & Instagram to Video Tweet Brain Surgery

Hospitals are using social media tools to let the public know about the operations, medical procedures & also live tweet surgeries. The patients are also willing to share their personal moments & this gives others a degree of confidence in undergoing such ops. UCLA health system is live tweeting the brain surgery of a patient for implementing a brain pacemaker to counteract the effects of parkinson’s disease. Vine & Instagram are also being used to send out the updates. University of California, Los Angeles Health system is the first to use 6 second Vine video as part of its social media activities.

The patient is awake during the surgery & plays his guitar, which has been recorded on Vine. Medical professionals are using social media to help raise the awareness & also to educate, ally fears of surgery. This is UCLA Health System’s first live-tweet surgery with a Vine video. This also helps raise awareness about Brain pacemakers which many are not aware of. Nader Pouratian, MD, and the deep brain stimulation team at UCLA are celebrating their 500th patient implanted with a brain pacemaker.

Vine has become a new tool for creative marketing activities. Many brands are using Vine to create brand visibility, promotions & digital marketing activities. This twitter’s answer to Facebook’s instagram. Dunkin Donuts is using Vine for a promotion of how it keeps the fans active & alert & fans can submit 6 second vine videos as part of the promotion.

UCLA Health twitter

UCLA Health Facebook

UCLA Health Vine

UCLA Health Instagram