Viral Video – Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive 2″

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Ten Big Social Media Challenges & How to Overcome them

With Social Media becoming a part of Brand’s Marketing activities, there are many challenges while executing the social media activities. Some of it are How to increase the shares of my posts, Time of posting, How to increase follower counts, Increase the amplification/reach/engagement & others. You can measure the social media effectivenesses of your campaigns using analytic tools. Google Analytics, Klout & others are some of the free tools available to measure the metrics. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest & others are some of the top social media networks to use in your marketing activities.

Youtube’s Super Bowl Ad Blitz – A hub for 2014′s Super Bowl commercials

Youtube has launched Ad Blitz Gallery to capitalize on the Super Bowl Ads for 2014. You can Watch, vote and share your favorite 2014 Super Bowl commercials. 2013 SUper Bowl ads have been watched millions of times. Super Bowl ads create a lot of online frenzy & is a great avenue for marketers to reach the customers. The page has teasers from advertisers, fox sport videos & toss & Catch.

2014 Super Bowl commercials

2014 Super Bowl commercials

Top Brands on YouTube – Red Bull, PlayStation, Rockster Games, Apple, GoProCamera, Rovio & others

Top Brands on YouTube are Red Bull, PlayStation, Rockster Games, Apple, GoProCamera, Rovio, ubisoft, Nike Football, DC Shoes & Pepsi

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