Structured data issues in Search Console – More data now

Search Console is adding more context to its error reporting.

Eg: if a website doesn’t provide the name of the author in markup, Search Console currently reports an error named Missing field “name”. From now onwards, that error will be named Missing field “name” (in “author”).

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Africa – Mobile commerce market

Mobile internet usage has been on the rise globally. Ecommerce forecast to increase by more than 50% between 2021 and 2025.

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Coca-Cola lights up the Burj Khalifa – ‘Real Magic’ Campaign

Magic is happening all around us. You just have to take a look.

A button was pressed that lit the Burj Khalifa bringing real magic to all those around that day… there was even a marriage proposal!

Top 5 online marketplaces in Asia

n 2020, around two thirds of the cumulated GMV of the 100 biggest global marketplaces was produced by online marketplaces with a sales focus on Asia.

 U.S. tech giant Amazon is by the way the only non-Asian player which plays in the same league as the leading Asian marketplaces

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Google Search Console rolls out new design

Google Search Console rolls out new design

To improve accessibility and user #experience in general, the new design is fresh & clean. Also over the next few months, small #changes in the product Via –

Retailers & Multi Channel

89% of retailers are already active on social media or are planning to engage with social media platforms in the near future. Shopping is becoming an ever more versatile activity

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New Server-Side Tagging in Google Tag Manager

Helps to move measurement and advertising tags off your website and into a secure server container. Helps increase #conversion rates on your site by reducing page load times.

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Super app WeChat with millions of online shoppers

There are several million mini-programs embedded in the WeChat app today

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Google Search console Page Experience report

The page experience report in Search Console launched earlier this year to offer publishers and site owners a way to quickly understand how their sites fare against the page experience signals.

Updated graphic of the factors that make up page experience signal, namely Loading (LCP), Interactivity (FID), Visual Stability (CLS), Mobile Friendliness, HTTPS and No Intrusive Interstitials.

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Building a Adobe Analytic Workspace Project From Scratch