Bye Bye Flash!

1) Google has announced yesterday that it won’t be accepting flash-based ads after the end of June 2016. From 2017 onwards all ads will have to be coded in HTML5.

2)Flash is now widely regarded as a performance-hampering safety hazard and more and more companies are turning their back on what was once the industry standard.

3) Citing security concerns, Mozilla recently disabled the Flash plugin in its Firefox browser by default;

4) Amazon has banned it from its advertising network and other companies are following suite.

5) In January 2016, just 18 percent of websites in the Alexa Top 10,000 used Flash, down from almost 50 percent four years earlier.

Infographic: Bye Bye Flash! | Statista
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Source : Statista

40 Inspiring Social Media Case Studies

This slideshare highlights 40 mini case studies of businesses in Singapore that have stood out by implementing creative social media marketing campaigns.

How to Run a AB test – Using Free Account

How to Run a AB test – Using Free Account

Zomato’s Porn-Advertising & How it fares against other ad platforms?

tumblr_inline_nzdwuaMwa11qb373m_500.pngZomato’s advertisement on porn sites.

India ranks #5 in terms of most daily visitors to Pornhub (the world’s biggest porn site network)
Outside of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and e-commerce sites, Xvideos is one of India’s top visited sites
The average time spent on the site by Indians is ~8 minutes (yes, really, just 8 minutes #quickgunmurugan)

We ran these ads on desktop and mobile sites, between 11 pm and 4 am – when late-night delivery restaurants are at their busiest (we have a fair idea what people who order food that late at night have been doing to work up an appetite). These ads appeared on video landing pages, just to the right of the video window:



People in Delhi NCR clicked on these banners the most on desktops, at an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.12% while Bangalore came (*teehee*) a close second with an average CTR of 0.11%. The campaign average CTR so far is at 0.22%.
At a more granular level, the highest number of clicks in Delhi came from around the Hauz Khas area. We can’t say for sure why that happened, but IIT-Delhi is in the area, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In Bangalore, Koramangala was hands down the naughtiest part of town, while in Mumbai, Powai gets down and dirty the most.
The BBW/Big Beautiful Wraps ad was our best performing desktop ad (no surprises there); the “Hot Sticky Mess” and “Hot Singles” ads also did really well.


Source : Zomato Blog

Google: The Year In Search 2015 Video

This one from Google with it’s annual “Year In Search” marks another epic and enchanting year for the internet and the world. The biggest moments of 2015 inspired trillions of questions. What do they reveal about us? Explore the full Year in Search: #YearInSearch

‪‎Sunny‬ Leone, the most searched personality on ‪#‎Google‬ in India—for a fourth consecutive year

Omg!! Thank you so much India! I love you all!Didn’t think I would be #1 again in Google searches!Good night yall!!


The Biggest Trends in Digital Media in 2015

Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic for many publishers has been the most noteworthy development in 2015.

Less than 10 years ago, the smartphone was a niche gadget and now it is arguably the most important device for content consumption.

Infographic: The Biggest Trends in Digital Media in 2015  | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista