Search Ad revenue hits a record $84.4 billion in 2022 – IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report’ 2022

Digital Audio Had Strongest Growth Rate Of Any Media In 2022, due to growing advertiser interest in podcasting & ad-support streaming music.

Digital audio’s growth rate was larger than that of digital video (19.3%), digital display ads (12%), or search (7.8%)

Internet advertising revenue growth slowed in 2022. Between 2021 and 2022 internet advertising revenues grew 10.8% (YoY) totalling $209.7 billion.

Programmatic advertising continues to grow with revenues to a total of $109.4 billion. Social media revenues saw a slow down in growth.

Advertising budgets in 2023 continue to migrate to retail media networks as they offer advertisers access to first-party data.@


Search Advertising 2022 & the top Countries

The United States remained the prime market for search advertising in 2022.

Spend on sponsored links, keyword ads and Search Engine Advertising was especially high on mobile, with an estimated $67.3 billion spent on advertising rolled out on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Out of the six biggest markets by ad spend, only marketers from the U.S. and China put an increased focus on mobile platforms

 Ad spend in other major economies like Germany and Japan seems minuscule in comparison, with both markets staying below the $10 billion mark in total @

Worldwide desktop market share of leading search engines

As of January 2023, online search engine Bing accounted for 8.85 percent of the global search market, while market leader Google had a share of around 84.69 percent. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s market share was 2.59 percent.

Google is the most frequently used search engine worldwide @

New Digital Advertising Giants – Amazon, Walmart & Apple

The 3 companies in the last few years have been able to build billion dollar advertising revenue streams. A combinations of factors like – Audience data, own devices/ecosystems, improved measurement, mobile apps & others – allowing advertisers to reach new audience streams & those who are in the more advanced stage of the custoemer journey.

At a broad level Ads can be categoried to across

1) Search – Google, Bing & others
2) Publishers – Media, newspapers, programmatic & others
3) Social Media – FB, twitter, etc
4) New Ad giants – Amazon, Walmart & Apple
5) Mobile

Amazon Prime Day reaches a record US$12.1 billion in 2022

An analysis published on estimated Amazon Prime Day sales in 2022 to have amounted to US$12.1 billion. This corresponds to a growth of 8% compared to last year

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Gartner’s 2021-2022 Genius Brands based on Gartner Digital IQ Index

The Gartner Digital IQ Index is an annual ranking of brands within a given industry based on digital investments and performance. They are determined based on the Gartner Digital IQ Index which focuses on website, digital marketing channels, social marketing and path to purchase, but measures hundreds of touchpoints within each of those dimensions.

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Structured data issues in Search Console – More data now

Search Console is adding more context to its error reporting.

Eg: if a website doesn’t provide the name of the author in markup, Search Console currently reports an error named Missing field “name”. From now onwards, that error will be named Missing field “name” (in “author”).

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Africa – Mobile commerce market

Mobile internet usage has been on the rise globally. Ecommerce forecast to increase by more than 50% between 2021 and 2025.

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Coca-Cola lights up the Burj Khalifa – ‘Real Magic’ Campaign

Magic is happening all around us. You just have to take a look.

A button was pressed that lit the Burj Khalifa bringing real magic to all those around that day… there was even a marriage proposal!

Top 5 online marketplaces in Asia

n 2020, around two thirds of the cumulated GMV of the 100 biggest global marketplaces was produced by online marketplaces with a sales focus on Asia.

 U.S. tech giant Amazon is by the way the only non-Asian player which plays in the same league as the leading Asian marketplaces

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