Optimizing the Website for Mobile Search

iPhone OS & Android have changed the way browsing is done on mobiles. They have added a new dimension to the browsing experience. With the increase in the number of mobile users & smart phones, mobile search is taking off in a big way. Mobile users usually search for something which meets their immediate needs like directions, address & others. Hence it is important to optimize the site properly for mobile search. Sites should confirm to the W3C’s mobile standards & also content, images should be used carefully. In Mobile search, users don’t go beyond 2 pages. So website should be optimized to appear in top 2 pages. Top mobile search engines are Google, yahoo & bing. Websites should be checked on all the smart phones & also the loading time should be less. Web Analytics should be used to understand the user behavior & the important information from the analytics should be incorporated to the mobile site.  Analytics can give a sea of information. Top smart phones are i phone, Android, Blackberry.

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