Viral Videos – A New Tool for Marketing

Viral Videos have gained a prominent place in the online marketing activity. While there is no correct procedure to create the viral videos. Several video sharing sites have come up after youtube. While some are niche others have all the categories. It is something which appeals for basic human emotions like being happy, sad & others. Viral Videos are found in many video sharing sites. Viral videos gain millions of views in a short time & climb the video chart. Many companies are also creating the viral videos as part of the promotion. They quickly become the talk of the blogosphere. Viral videos help drive traffic & increase the brand visibility. There are many websites which track viral videos on a weekly basis. “Lonely Girl” was one of the earliest Videos which went Viral on Youtube. Now it has become a new tool for marketing activity. Companies are also creating channels to promote the videos. Youtube has also introduced a number of new improvements.


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