Surviving the Social Media Crisis

with Social media becoming a mainstream source of information for products, services & others it is important that companies should carefully devise the social media strategy. People are constantly talking about their experiences with the products, brands & this influences how others perceive the brands. If any negative or unfavorable PR exists, a careful plan should be laid out to tackle. Source should be checked & corrective actions to be taken. If there is a genuine problem, it would be better to accept the mistake & correct it. This would help build confidence in the customers. Conversations should be monitored as it would help gauge the consumer perception. Without a proper plan, if any steps are taken for the negative PR it might backfire resulting in increased crisis. Some of the examples include Nestle’s Kitkat social media crisis, domino’s social media & Dell hell social media crisis. Companies should put in place a proper strategy to survive. if they cant handle it, they should outsource it to PR companies who can handle it effectively. Also the crisis provides an opportunity for the brands & companies to get a foothold in the online social space. Sometimes the crisis provides the opportunities for the brands to explore the social media world. for ex, when Toyota had the problems in the US auto market, it started the Toyota conversation blog which collected all the stories about Toyota thus helping it in the crisis.


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