Will Twitter, Facebook, Zynga & other Web 2.0’s hit Wall Street?

Just like the dot com era, social media era is also creating a lot of buzz. Yelp has recently rejected an offer from Google. Zynga has received a fresh round of investment. Facebook & Twitter are leading the social media space. During the dot com era, many companies went public. It seems the scene is returning to the wall street again with rumors of Facebook, yelp & others going for a public offer. If it is indeed true, then it will mark a new beginning for the internet companies & a new avenue for raising the funds. Lots of acquisitions are going on in the Web 2.0 space. Google is leading with many acquisitions. Apple has also jumped into the social bandwagon with Ping social music network. Music based & location based services are getting a lot of interest in the acquisition space.

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