Social Media Analytics

Web 2.0 sites like facebook, youtube, twitter & others have become a big source of traffic. Social media analytics is growing by the day. Social Media Analytics differs from the normal website metrics. In Social media, we have to measure the ways users interact & also the conversation. These analytics helps increase the traffic & conversion for the sites. Google is also fetching the information from Twitter & Facebook for display in search results. Keywords can be tracked to understand what keywords the feeds are appearing. The analytics helps discovery of new audience & users who act as the brand ambassadors. Real time monitoring of the data is important in this analytics. Based on the findings, strategies can be made to develop a positive tone about the brand or service.

Facebook analytics involves measuring the user visits, the path they take, anonymous visits, type of conversation like whether positive or negative, clickthroughs on the ads & others. Youtube analytics involves no. of times videos viewed, subscribers, page views & others. In twitter, the measurement involves the Geo location, Sentiment of the conversation & others. Many big analytics vendors are now incorporating these measurements as well.


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