Optimizing Facebook Profile, Fan & Group Pages

With Facebook being the top social networking site & also a major source of search, it is essential to optimize the facebook profile, group & fan pages. Users are looking for information in facebook & searching through various keywords. Facebook has more than 500 million members. This provides a great base of users. Hence a properly optimized page will help drive the traffic. Campaigns, offers &  other special features with rich content make the pages info rich. Also the pages should be promoted to increase the fan base. All the information should be given in the pages with keyword rich text. Google is also displaying the information from Facebook in its search pages & a properly optimized fan or profile page would easily make it to the Google search results. Several companies are launching promotions through facebook only & to increase the conversion for these promotions it is very essential to have a clear strategy of how to make the pages attractive to the users & search engines. Also facebook pages should be promoted in other marketing activities as well. This helps spread the word of mouth about the pages.


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