Most Active Social brands: iphone, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Xbox & others

Now social media & networking has become a part of marketing mix. As Online marketing evolved, it became a part of 4P’s & now social media is also a part of it. Companies would use website & email address earlier & now one can see facebook & Twitter profile address as well. Many companies are doing social media promotion to promote the brands. Some of the brands are part of everyday social media conversation like iphone, apple, Google, IKEA, Nike, Coca-Cola, Jet blue & others. Videos, photo, status updates, twitter are some of the ways in which brands are using social media. Phone, Gaming devices, Sports, Media, automobile are some of the sectors which are using social media for promotion. Old Spice recently had a great success with social media using the youtube videos. Nestle, Dell & some other brands have also faced a lot of criticism in the social media space. Some of the top brands are iphone, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Xbox, Wii, old spice, & others. With a proper social media strategy, brands can reap rich benefits for increasing the brand visibility.

One thought on “Most Active Social brands: iphone, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Xbox & others

  1. Using social media is a way for brands to become more dynamic in reaching key publics. It helps to build the brand identity and helps companies to stay in competition with competitors.


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