Will it Blend? – The top Viral video of all time

Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson surely knows how to create a top viral video even if it meant destroying an iphone or an iPad. The will it blend video created a history with more than 134.2 million views. All the ads have the same music, tagline & host. No body would have thought of grinding an iphone or an ipad. However, this brilliant idea helped the Blendtec company acheive a viral status. The next top viral video is Avian’s Live Young. There have been many viral videos.


32 thoughts on “Will it Blend? – The top Viral video of all time

  1. I suppose a load of Apple haters would love this. I just think it’s really funny because of the cheesy 70s production and the weird sound effects. Never seen this before so thanks for posting. Congratulations on getting on to Freshly Pressed 🙂


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  3. I’ve seen most of the videos, (iPad and “Face Book”) are my favorites). This kind of publicity is great (and cheap), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the blender in stores.


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  6. This seems a little misleading. There’s been 136 million views of ALL of the “Will It Blend?” videos, but not 136 million views of this particular video.

    YouTube’s “most viewed” video of “all time” is “Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here” with nearly 40 million views. The second is a fairly lame parody of the entire rap genre that’s been done in far more clever ways, called “Show Me Your Genitals” with 34 million views.


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  8. I don’t really know why, but there is just something addictive about watching all the things you can blend in a Blendtec. When I worked in a coffee shop and realized we had a Blendtec I got extremely excited and started telling people all the things it would blend!


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