Using Local Listings, Mobile & Social Media for Geo Marketing

With the Emergence of local Listings, Check ins, SMS & other tools, Geo marketing has gained a lot of Momentum. Google/Yahoo/MSN local listings help local business to reach the local customers easily. This can be combined with Mobile marketing to send the coupons & offers to the users Mobile. Social media like Facebook, twitter & other location based apps can help get users reviews & feedback. Proper optimization of local listings with targeted keywords can help drive the local traffic. This also helps in building the rapport with the customers. Local Review Sites help in drawing the customers to the local business easily. Groupon, foursquare & other new Web 2.0 based sites have helped in geo targeting. Mcdonalds worked with foursquare to provide coupons & other discounts for check ins through foursquare. This helped it increase the foot traffic. Location based targeting is increasing by the day & Google is adding several new features for local listings. Geo marketing is very useful as it helps target the customer easily.


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