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With a 500 million member strong facebook, getting all the information about the popular deals, brands, movies & others in facebook is difficult. It would help to know the popular trending topic in facebook for the marketers. & provide some of the top information about the facebook trends along with the stats as well. This helps marketers on how to effectively spend their ad budgets. Facebook is also becoming a major referrer of traffic. With crowdsaver promotions, these websites help know the top deals available.





Google Accounts for 6.4% of Internet Traffic

Google, the search giant, is not only the leader in search market share abut also the leader in internet Traffic. Google now accounts for 6.4% of the total internet traffic. This is a huge figure as it billions of people are online & google is the leader with all this traffic. There is only one global ISP which gets more traffic. Internet is growing at a rapid pace with increasing speed. People want information very quickly & all they do is google it. This in turn gives Google a pie of the internet traffic. Google also had a record revenue in the last quarter. If Google also gets its social media right, then this number will increase significantly.

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Dell’s IdeaStorm & Starbucks Mystarbucks Idea

Dell & Starbucks have utilized social media to help build their brand visibility, connect their customers & to get feedback/ideas. Dell has a website called IdeaStorm where the users can submit ideas about the product & services. They can also be commented by others. Similarly Starbucks has a Mystarbucks Idea where users can give ideas about the Starbucks product which can be voted by others. Some of it have also been implemented by the company. All the companies apart from their website should also have a website where users can communicate & share their ideas. This helps improve the marketing effectiveness.

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Apple gets Adage’s Marketer of the Decade

Apple, the maker of iPhone, iPad & others, has won the marketer of the Decade from Adage. Apple has been very successful in creating new markets for iPod, iPhone, iPad & others. It has a cult following in the tech world. Apple has successfully overcome the dark clouds it faced in last decade to become a successful tech company. It has sold millions of devices & also the marketing principles it employs are very different from the other companies. Its PR machine surely knows how to create a marketing buzz. Till the day products are released it hardly gives any information & this helps it create a viral. Surely it does deserve to get a Marketer of the decade.

Disney Let the Memories Begin campaign

Disney has a new campaign for 2011 & is called Let the memories Begin. with the explosion of social media & online market space, companies are using them in a big way for marketing campaigns. Disney with this campaign will be using the videos, photos & any other memories related to the visit of their parks. Disney has a section on their website where users can submit their memories. This will be aired on the TV, inside the disney parks & also on social networking sites. Though many companies have used customers in their ads, this is for the first time Disney using the memories in the ads.  It is available at &



Gillette’s Beard Campaign on Twitter

Gillette is launching a new beard campaign on Twitter. After the success of Old Spice social media campaign, FMCG brands are finding new marketing avenues in Social Media. The campaign will feature identical twins Dean and George Georgiades. They will compete against each other in various competitions. The updates of the games will posted on twitter & who ever gets the maximum followers will be the winner. This is to see if people with beard or without will be preferred. This is a new type of campaign on Twitter. More & more FMCG brands are moving into the social space to increase visibility.

Coca–Cola’s Open Happiness & Expedition 206 – A Unique Social Media Campaign

Coke’s Open Happiness Campaign has been airing for some time. Now for their Year 2020 strategy, Coke has embarked on a major Social media drive.Though Coca-Cola is the world’s most favorite brand, in the social media world Coca-Cola still has miles to go compared to other brands.  They will be using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & others for their social media campaign. They have selected 3 people who will tour all the 206 countries where Coke is sold & will document what makes People happy in accordance with the Open happiness Campaign on Twitter, facebook & others. Starting the journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. This will also bring Coke to the Mainstream of Social Media & their site where the details will be documented. This is also the major social media campaign taken by any Corporate.This is by for the biggest Social media campaign & experiment in the world. This is taking Web 2.0 to the masses.

Nokia’s Brand Identity Probelm

Nokia, once the dominant mobile maker, is quickly losing its market share to the smartphones & ereaders. Its CEO & head of smartphones division also left the company recently. Its erosion of market share shows Nokia doesnt have a proper strategy. It rose to a dominant position with simple phones & became a household name. But the cheap dual phones, China sets & Smart phones eroded its market share. It still doesnt have a proper phone to compete with iPhone. Its Ovi app store is recently showing signs of increasing popularity. On one hand cheap sets is attacking Nokia & on the other side by Smartphones. At this point users are not sure what Brand identity does Nokia refer to. Also the top executives keep giving contradicting signals as to Where Nokia is headed. Also on the social media space Nokia is not as popular as iphone.

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How to do Video SEO & why is it Required?

With Google displaying videos in the search results in the top position, it is becoming important to do SEO for the videos. Usually videos from youtube are displayed but sometimes from other sites as well. With viral videos becoming the center of attraction, video SEO helps increase brand visibility & also drive traffic. Some of the important parameters to be considered in Video SEO are:

  • Title of the video – When someone types a keyword in Google, the title plays an important role. Title with the required keyword ranks in the search.
  • Duration of Video – Video duration must be as short as possible. People dont want to spend hours on videos for information.
  • Comments on the videos – This helps know the users response for the videos.
  • Rating for the videos – Rating should be monitored  as it helps in overall ranking of the video.
  • Links for the videos – Links shared about the videos on twitter, Facebook & other sites help determine the link popularity of the video.