Google Search Preview Traffic in Analytics

Google’s search preview option gives a preview of the website. This is a nice feature particularly when you are searching something specific & no need to open all the sites. Google search preview executes a javascript to show the previews & for the last few days since the launch this is showing up as a page view in the analytic programs. This might not influence the total traffic of the website since this is a very small percentage of the total traffic.


SEO tools for Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis for SEO is one of the important aspects. It helps understand how the competitors are doing with respect to ranking, keywords, website & others. This helps implement some new strategies for your website. Some of it can be done manually in Google by searching for their website. There are also some tools available which helps in this process. Earlier Alexa was one of the important tools. Now a variety of free & paid tools are there for the analysis. Some of the free tools are 1) Alexa 2) 3) Google ad Planner 4) Google Insights 5) Google trends for the website 6) Quantcast. These provide a wealth of information for the SEO purposes. This would help outrank your competitors website.

Yahoo’s Search Clues tool & Google’s

Yahoo has launched Search clues, a tool to help find the trends, keywords & other info. This tool has a great deal of information about the keywords with their demographic data & what the previous & next searches are. This also gives the Geo regions where the trends are coming from. Google for the first time have done something new & launched, a fashion portal. This is based on their shopping portal & the site doesn’t carry any of the Google logos, their simple site styles & other Google style.

Web Analytics for Measuring Video Stats

With the rapid rise of youtube & other video sharing sites, videos have become a novel way of promoting products, services & info. Some of the videos have millions of views & thousands of comments. Also google is showing videos for many keyword searches. Web analytics for video stats would help get important info about the videos. Some of the top parameters to look for in video analytics include: 1) No. of comments 2) No. of views 3) Keywords for which video is appearing 4) Rating for the video 5) How long the video is viewed 6) how fast the video loads particularly in places with slow connection 7) No.of times video is downloaded. Videos should be optimized properly with great titles as it helps rank in search engines.

Ford’s Social Media Success

Ford has used social media successively to increase the brand visibility, drive traffic & also to engage in conversation. Ford Fiesta campaign was one of the most successful social media campaign of Ford. Ford gave Fiestas to drive & it was recorded by the drivers. It helped launch ford fiesta virally. Ford has used twitter, facebook, youtube to organize communities & increase the brand visibility. Ford is also moving 25% of its budget to digital marketing.Ford has also won the highest honor in the car tech category for its new MyFord touch interface. Ford is one of major Auto companies using social media in a big way. Ford Sync is also helping drive the sales of Ford vehicles. It has been developed with Microsoft.

Web Analytics – Simple to Highly Advanced tools

Web Analytics helps measure the vital stats about the website like traffic, leads & others. There are many free Web analytic tools available Google analytics, open source based analytics & others. These give the information which are not sufficient for advanced decision making. There are some advanced tools like Omniture test & target which can be used for better decision making. If you want to track phone leads as well, many programs are available which can be integrated to your normal analytics. With social media, it is also possible to track web 2.0 analytics. This helps measure the consumer sentiments & also brand analysis. There are many statistical packages available which can be used for advanced data tracking.

SEO Image Optimization

Image optimization for SEO plays an important role in ranking of the site & also traffic. Some of the important steps in Image optimization are

1) use the Right sized image as it helps load the site faster
2) Use keyword rich alt text.
3) text surrounding the text should be also keyword rich as it helps search engines rank it easily.
4) Also png files should be used. GIF & JPEG takes more time to load & this may affect the ranking.
5) Also try to get links from external sites to the images. This helps in backlinks.
6) Providing a HTML embed code will help spread the images virally.