Intel’s The Chase Viral Video Ad

For the first time, Intel’s the chase video ad has gone viral. The ad shows clippings of Facebook, youtube & other social media sites. For the week of Jan 27th, it is at the no. 1 spot in visible measures top 10 viral video list.


Egypt Blocks Internet Access

Forget blocking of youtube, facebook, twitter & other sites. For the first time in the internet history, Egypt has blocked access to internet except for the Egyptian stock exchange website which is still accessible. Tunisian style inspired revolution has been feared in Egypt & social networking sites help spread the information easily. Fearing it, Egypt seems to have blocked access to all the sites. SMS has also been blocked. This is for the first time it has happened in the world & shows the impact of internet on the economy & the society. Several important lines pass through Egypt & might also affect the global internet traffic. goes from HTML 4.01 to HTML5 standards

Apple has moved its website from HTML 4.01 to HTML5. Apple has been a proponent of HTML5 standards & has already used it in mobileme, iad & other applications. This represents a huge support for HTML5. HTML5 standards provide an increased standard in web technologies. A new logo was also released by W3C for HTML5. Apple’s safari browser adheres to the HTML5 standards. Several new features like dynamically re sized search field have been added to the website.

“Media Impact Value” of Apple, Microsoft, Google & others

General Sentiment, a New York based company, has come out with an interesting info on the Media value of the top 20 global Brands. With the increase in the number of the tweets, social media, news articles, brands are getting a lot of publicity. If a value is given to all this source of information, some interesting numbers appear. Apple has a media value of $4.5 billion in 2010 with New York times being their notable source. This is an interesting research as it shows how the top brands are getting a lot of publicity with the tweets & social media. These sources are also affecting the consumer sentiment about the brands as users discuss about the brands. BP due to the oil spill fiasco had generated a lot of negative impact in the social media sites.

Google Zeitgeist 2010

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 throws up some of the interesting ways in which search was done in 2010. It shows the list in various forms like entertainment, sports, consumer electronics, news & others. World cup africa, Haiti earthquake are some of the top searched news items. Ash cloud & the Gulf of Mexico oil spill also topped the social media networking sites. Google’s Zeitgeist has become a sort of cult following & is carried by most of the news organizations around the world.