Google’s +1 vs Facebook’s Like

Google has introduced +1, similar to Facebook’s Like. Google has been taking the search experience more social with this +1. Google will be slowly rolling this out, however it is avaialble in experimental search site. +1 stands for “this is pretty cool”. By logging into the google accounts, you can add this feature from their experimental site. Go to & search with a keyword. This +1 appears & you can click on to recommend it. All the +1’s you have made will be availble in your Google profiles. This is a smart move by Google with the increasing of Facebook’s like.


India-Pakistan Cricket Semi Final – Discussions in Social Media

India-Pakistan Semi Final match has become a topic of interest in the social media sites. It is also a trending topic in Twitter. A facebook page has also been created to discuss about the match. For marketers, this match is a great way to reach the new audience & also to promote the product & services. No wonder, so many of the wall postings on facebook has been related to the match. Once the match starts, this topic will definetly become one of the top 10 trends today. This is the first high profile match between the 2 countries since the time social media has taken a centerstage. Several ads related to the match have also come in facebook, Google PPC & others. Images of India-Aus match have also been circulating on the net.

Color – A new Photo Sharing App

Color, a dynamic photo sharing app, has taken the app world by surprise. This is a free app currently available on iphone & Android. It allows anybody to share their photos or videos with friends and strangers. All the pics are public & no following is needed. The app creators are already updating the app with the reviews got. It has also got a big funding of $41 million from Sequoia. Several photosharing apps are avaialble in the app store

AT&T and T-Mobile Deal – Will it help Apple iPhone or Google Android?

AT&T will acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion creating the largest carrier in the US. This is subject to regulatory approvals. This combined will have far reaching effects on the consumer, industry & mobile OS. The US will be left with Verizon & Sprint. Consumers will have fewer options if the acquisition goes through. Also AT&T is the largest carrier for Apple iPhone. T-mobile had provided a good platform for Google Android devices. If the deal goes through, it might affect the Google’s Android OS. Also T-mobile customers will have access to iPhone. So will Apple iPhone or Google Andorid benefit form the deal?. The deal still has to clear the hurdles in Washington.

Top Video Sharing Sites in India – Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe & others

Video sharing sites have become a favorite way of entertainment time on the net. There are several video sharing
sites like youtube, daily motion, facebook & others. Among them, the top are Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe. Youtube is the king of video sharing occupying a top slot glabally. Google has also made acquisitions to improve the youtube website. Facebook, a social networking site, is being used for sharing pics, videos & others. Viral videos has become a sure way of increasing the views, visibility & others. There is a great article on the state of Video viewing in India at Comscore website

Pepsi Change The Game Campaigns

Pepsi has launched a series of Change the Game TVC’s featuring Cricketers like Sehwag, Doni, Dilshaan & others for Cricket World Cup’11. Campaign has been conceptualised by Taproot India. This is a very innovative advertisement brining a new touch to the Cricket advertisement. New terms like helicoper shot, doosra & others have been introduced. This TVC has been praised by the media. Ads showcase out of the box moves that are not text book & the moves have become associated with particular cricketrs. Pepsi has introduced many innovative advertisements & this is one of the best cricket TVC’s.

F-Bomb in Chrysler’s Twitter Feed – How Marketing Communication can go wrong?

An F-Bomb in Chrysler’s Twitter feed has resulted in Chrysler dropping the company responsible for its social media strategy. This kind of situation leads to question of who should own the access & how the communication should be between the companies. With digital marketing becoming an integral part of Marketing, care should be taken. The employee who dropped the f-bomb has also been fired. Chrysler has also quickly issed an apology about the issue. The official Chrysler Twitter account, @ChryslerAutos. It seems like there was a confusion between the personal account of the employee & the official Chrysler account.

Microsoft Bing’s Japan Quake Tweet – A bad Marketing tactic?

Bing’s Tweet has caused an uproar in the social media. Bing tweeted for every retweet about the support for Japan Tsunami & earthquake, it will make a donation. This caused uproar in the twitter & backfired on Bing. A new hashtag started on Twitter #fuckyoubing & resulted in negative publicity. Bing later apologized for it. A fashion designer’s tweet also caused uproar sometime back. Social media should be used cautiously while making such statements. It should not be used for marketing purposes during the natural disaster.

Japan Tsunami & Earthquake – Use of Twitter, Facebook, Skype & other Social Networks

The tsunami & earthquake that have struck Japan have affected the communication sector. Mobile phone networks have been jammed & people are finding it difficult to communicate. Twitter, Facebook, Skype & local Japanese social networks have come in handy for people to communicate & keep in touch with the loved ones. Social media has been playing a crcial role in times of natural disasters. In Haiti earthquake also, twitter was used to keep in touch with the world. Several people have posted on their FB wall about their experiences during the quake. The japan Tsunami related topics have been trending in Twitter. Several videos have also been posted in Youtube.

Social Networking sites in India

Orkut has been the top social networking site in India. Of late, many are creating their profiles in Facebook & thus it is set to occupy the top place. With many new features, messaging & others being to Facebook regularly, it has seen an increase in the membership. Twitter is also growing in India with people using it to share breaking news. There are other Indian social sites like,,,, & others. Social networking is very important for a country like India. Many Indian companies have also started advertising in Facebook & thus fuelling their growth.