Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Online – Social Media’s Role

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding has generated much interest in the social media & blogosphere. Newspapers are full of the coverage of the royal wedding. In the age of internet, this is the first royal wedding & facebook/twitter/youtube/blogs are full of royal wedding information. Royal wedding can be followed online in several ways. Some of it are!/clarencehouse


Apple launches White iPhone 4

Apple has finally released the White iphone 4 after months of speculation. Internet has been abuzz with the rumors of White iPhone & has been released before iPhone 5 goes on sale. White iPhone offers the same features as is available in black iphone 4. It is more challenging to make the white iPhone. Will be available in 16GB & 32GB. It will be avaialble in Apple stores, Apple website & also at ATT/Verizon.

Facebook Deals vs Groupon

Facebook is launching deals, similar to groupon, livingsocial & other group buying services. With group buying becoming a great way for marketrs to reach the audience & sell the product/services, Facebook deals is expected to change the group buying market. Facebook is also partnering with other group buying sites to include the offers. Facebook credits can be used to buy the deals. Face book has been aggresively diversifying into many areas as it has the advantage of 600 million members. It will be initially launched in 5 cities in the US. This is the first time social has been combined with group buying.

Walmart to acquire Kosmix

Walmart, giant American retailer, will acquire Kosmix, which will help it increase their e-commerce & social media presence. Walmart recently collaborated with Justin Beiber which helped it increase twitter folowers. With social media increasingly playing a greater role, this would help it increase online visibility., recently acquired and, which will help it move more into the B2C segment. Eventhough it is a giant retailer, in the online space, its sales are much smaller compared to amazon & others. Retailers are offering special discounts, group discounts & others in a bid to increase the online sales. This will also help it to move to the mobile space.

Google Launches Page Speed Test Tool

Google has launched Web Site Speed test tool to help know how fast the site/page loads. Included are the suggestions for the mobile & desktop. This is a great move by Google as it helps analyze the content of the page & how to improve the performance of the page. If the site pages load faster, it will help reduce the bounce rate & also increase in the conversion. How fast the page loads is one of the factors Google considers in ranking of the pages.

Who owns Social Media in a Company – IT, Marketing, Legal, Sales, Agency?

With social media playing a major role in marketing now a days, it is imperative to know who owns the social media. There has been examples of conflict between the company & agency about the social media posting. Recently Chrysler fired its agency over the f-bomb tweet. For big companies, even the legal department also comes into picture. Also when the company hands out the contract to the agency, there should be clear road map about how to handle the conflicts.

Adidas All in – Viral Video

Gmail Motion – New way to Communicate with Gmail

Google has comeup with Gmail Motion, a new way to communicate with the gmail account. This is a human computer interaction, where we use physical activity to control the gmail account. This uses the google’s patented spatial tracking & web cam to translate the actions to commands. More details are available at Gmail Motion help. Google will also be introducing this to Google docs. This is a new way of human computer interaction.