Google Wallet

Google has unveiled Google wallet, digital wallet system, which replaces the traditional card swiping, using NFC technology. Google has partnered with Citibank, Mastercard & retailers to implement this technology. Using mobile phones as a credit card has tremoundous future & several compnaies are in the race for this. Google will get access to huge customer data & this will give Google first mover advantage in this field. Visa is also planning to introduce such digital wallet. It doesnt remove the chains like bank, card processer, retailers & others involved.


Twitter Buys TweetDeck

Twitter has bought Tweetdeck, the 3rd party app, which helps organize, read & post tweets. TweetDeck is a very popular 3rd party app among the twitter users to post tweets. This would help twitter expand its advertising revenue & also to increase the reach. Rumormill has been going on about the purchase for the last few months & also Uber media was in the race to acquire the app. This is based in London & will continue to work fron there after the acquisition. This is a big step for Twitter as it tries to consolidate its position. Tweetdeck has a great technology & user interface to use.

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Angry Birds hits 200 million downloads

Angry birds has hit 200 million downloads. It was first available on Apple ios & then has been extended to cover most of the platforms available. Today installed it on Chrome OS & played it. Really addictive & entertaining. Has been downloaded much on Apple devices. This is designde by a finnish company Rovio. They are even planning to merchandise the games. Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are the different games versions & is available on major smartphone platforms, consoles, PC and Mac. Merchandise is also selling in great numbers.

Ovi stores to become Nokia services

Nokia’s Ovi store is all set for a rebranding exercise. It will be called as Nokia services. Nokia maps, Nokia apps & others. This is good move by Nokia as it aligns with a greater branding. Nokia recently decided to use Windows mobile OS & also to drop symbian OS. Nokia has a great brand image & equity & rebranding exercise will help it compete with Apple, Google andorid & other smartphone makers. This rebranding will help Nokia concentrate on one brand & move up the brand value chain.

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Microsoft to Buy Skype

Microsoft will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion. This will help microsoft move into both consumer & enterprise video and voice communications. Both google & facebook were also in the race to acquire Skype. Skype has 170 million connected users. Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect & many windows devices. This has become a top topic in the blogosphere. This will help microsoft to move into new market areas & also to fight competation against facebook, apple, google & others. This is the largest MS deal.