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Singer Amy Winehouse found dead in London

Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her apartment in London on Saturday. It has already become a trending topic in Twitter #amywinehouse. She was 27. #27club is also trnding on twitter. Wikipedia page has also been updated about her death. Twitter once again has proved that it is the leading source of breaking news across the globe. She has had a history of battling drugs & alchohal. RIP Amy Winehouse & one of the best British singers. Her facebook page is also been updated with comments.


Tracking Mobile Analytics

With the rise of mobile devices & tablets, more & more people are browsing the net on mobile. It becomes imperative to track the mobile analytics to better reach the customers. Now many analytic packages come with tracking mobile & tablet devices. Google analytics has also introduced tracking mobile devices. Some important data include type of mobile device, java script enableled, browser, traffic, how the web page renders on the screen & others. Some of the companies have developed a very well mobile site. ipad, iphone, android, blackberry, windows & others are some of the top mobile based devices.

Will Google+ find a place next to Facebook, Twitter & Youtube?

Google has launched google+, its foray into the social networking space. Google had earlier tried with buzz & wave which couldnt take off on a massive scale. Most of the websites have a link on their homepage to facebook, twitter & youtube. For google+ to succeed, it must find a place next to these icons in the websites. These 3 websites are currently leading the social space & for brands/products/services they provide a great avenue to connect with the customers. So for google+ to succeed, brands must start using it & connect with the customer. Google+ must provide some USP which will attract the companies & brands to start using it & connect with customers. Right now facebook is like Google of the social space & gateway to the social world.

Online Reviews & the role of it in Marketing

With the advent of web 2.0, online reviews is playing a critical role in the sales of products & services. People before deciding the purchase, are visiting the review sites to get opinion. There are several review sites like imdb for moviews, yelp for restaurants, naaptol for electronics, amazon for books, mouthshut & others. Marketers can utilize the information found in reviews to better target the offers. There have been allegations of reviews being written to influence the users. With social media, users are expressing reviews in twitter, facebook & blogs as well. As in the case of netflix price increase, users have flooded the communities with negetive comments about price hike.

Netflix price increase & the role of social media

Netflix price increase has had the social media, blogosphere up in arms against it. Dear netflix had become a trnding topic in twitter & the netflix blog on which it was announced has 5000 comments. Netflix Facebook page has more than 50000 comments about the increase. Such is the power of facebook & social media. Consumers are ranting angry comments about the hike. Netflix which has a great following has made a negetive move with the price hike & the angry comments of the users.

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News of the World to close

British tabloid, news of the world, has publiashed for the last time on Sunday before closing down over the phone hacking scandal. On the website, the paper has claimed the world’s greatest newspaper & a farewell to its 7.5 million readers. The tabloaid was known for its racy news, scoops & entertainment news. Mudroch bought the tabloid in 1969. The paper introduced paywall last Oct charging the readers for accessing the site beyond homepage. After the intro of the paywall, the visitors to the site had reduced.