Volkswagen India #anything4jetta Twitter Campaign

Volkswagen India has launached a anything4jetta campaign on Twitter for its new Jetta cars. It has also been supported by print ad with Times of India. Even the newspaper is printed in a unique style. By following volkswagenindia twitter account, users can participate in the campaign. They need to tweet anything wacky, creative with the handle #anythinh4Jetta. There is a grand prize of new Jetta Car for the cathcy tweet. TOI’s front page advt has already become a hot topic of the blogosphere. VW is known for creative campaigns & this is one of the big twitter campaigns in India. With the increase of social media, brands are turning to facebook & Twitter for campaigns & getting new users.


Differences Between Facebook & Google+

Google’s Google+ has become one of the top growing social networks with millions of members. Google has been trying get a hold on the social networking space. Google had earlier introduced Google Wave & buzz to tap into the social networking space. Some of the top differences between the 2 social networking sites are

1) Google+ is currently open for personal accounts only. While facebook is open for both personal & Business accounts.

2) Hangouts – With a webcam & mic, one can chat with people in Google+ & also do the video chatting. Hangout is already turning out be a great value addition in Google+.

3) Properly optimized google+ pages will appear in Google search rankings & this will help drive lots of traffic to the google+ pages & site.

4) Sharing information – Google+ provides an easy way to share the information by cretaing groups. It can be targeted & also facebook has a limit on the number of words which can be posted.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. Jobs has been credited with making Apple, the tech titan & also the leader in computer industry. Under him, Apple created ipod, ipad, iphone, macs & thus made the company darling of wall street. It recently eclipsed exxon in the stock exchange with highest market capital. Tim Cook will become the CEO of the company. His health has been a major factor in the resignation. Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 & this would further solidify the company’s position. Steve Jobs is a charismatic CEO under whom Apple grew by leaps & bounds.

Harry Potter & Social Networking – is a new website brining web 2.0 to the Harry Potter fans. This is a website by J.K Rowling combining facebook with wikipedia for its fans. The website has been in Beta & will be open ti public by October. There is also a twitter feed for getting updates about the site. New ebooks by the author will also be available & users can join communities, share experiences & also discuss about Harry Potter. The website is free to join & will be available in many languages like Italian, Hispanic among others. This will bring together millions of Potter fans together & also helps increase the interest among the fans.

Give a Shit Charity Campaign Advt

Give a Shit Charity campaign advt is a unique advt where users can give a shit to problems being faced globally. Some of the popular topics currently on the site are London Riots, AIDS, Global warming, animal cruelty & others. Stats is also available on the site about who gave what type of shit, countries & others.

New York Times Introduces beta620

New York Times has introduced beta620, an experimental project site, where brigns together developers, journalists, product managers & users to collaborate. Here users can suggest new ideas, new products & also share their views. As the collaboration is the buzzword, this helps the newspaper to include the taste of the readers as well. The site includes timesinstant, nytimes crossword app & other projects. With web 2.0, many companies are going for such sites to connect with the users. 620 refers to the address of the newspaper in NY at 620 8th avenue. The Buzz, times companion & Longitude are some of the other projects. New York Times also opened up its API & thus heralding a new avenue in the newspaper industry. Twitter & Facebook links are also provided in the site to connect with the users.

London Riots & the role of Social Media

Social Media has once again taken a center stage in the London Riots. BlackBerry phones have been used to organize the gangs & soon it started to move into different areas. There have been pics of looting posted on the twitter & facebook. Now, twitter, facebook page have been created to bring back the city to normal. Social media is playing a role in many places across the globe like in jasmine revoluution, earthquake news & others. Some of the top links related to London cleanup are as follows. Several celebrities have also taken to the social media to bring back normalcy to the city.!/riotcleanup

Google’s fetch as googlebot to Submit & Index sites faster

Google has launched fetch as googlebot, a new feature in Google webmaster tools, to submit & index the sites faster. It can be found under the diagnostics settings of the webmaster tools. This new feature allows google to index faster. There is a limit of 50 submissions per week for individual URL’s & 10 per week when URL’s & all the pages under it. This can be used in situations where if the page is launched new for some events & want it be indexed faster, to submit new sites & to replace a cached copy of the page in Google. It involves the following steps

1) Create a Google Webmaster Tools account for the website & verify it.
2) Fetch as Googlebot is given Under the diagnostics settings,
3) Add the pages to it & if successfull, you get the option for indexing the site
4) Root level or pages associated with it can be indexed.
5) After the indexing is successful, tool gets updated.

Viral Videos & its role in Brand Building – Apple, Old Spice, Blendtec & others

Viral Videos play an important role in Brand building. Some of the popular viral videos which have helped in Brand building are Apple 1984 ad, Old Spice my man, Blendtec’s will it blend, nike’s football worldcup ad & others. Viral Videos get millions of views in a short time & gets shared on social networking sites. Apple’s 1984 ad helped in building Apple brand name. Blendtec’s will it blend ad gave it a big brand name & its video is top videos of the year. There is no hard & fast rule as to how the viral videos need to be created. It taps into the basic emotions of the human beings & users usually feel attached to these videos. Viral videos have also helped video sharing sites gain traffic. There are several websites which give weekly ranking of top viral videos.