Differences Between Facebook & Google+

Google’s Google+ has become one of the top growing social networks with millions of members. Google has been trying get a hold on the social networking space. Google had earlier introduced Google Wave & buzz to tap into the social networking space. Some of the top differences between the 2 social networking sites are

1) Google+ is currently open for personal accounts only. While facebook is open for both personal & Business accounts.

2) Hangouts – With a webcam & mic, one can chat with people in Google+ & also do the video chatting. Hangout is already turning out be a great value addition in Google+.

3) Properly optimized google+ pages will appear in Google search rankings & this will help drive lots of traffic to the google+ pages & site.

4) Sharing information – Google+ provides an easy way to share the information by cretaing groups. It can be targeted & also facebook has a limit on the number of words which can be posted.


2 thoughts on “Differences Between Facebook & Google+

  1. Interesting post. You failed to mention that Wave was a flop and got pulled back. And Buzz has just been a failure from the start.

    The biggest difference between the two is that you can segment you communications more in Google+. In Facebook you could move your contacts into list and thus see in your news feeds only from that list, but you could never just simply communicate only to that list. With Google+ Circles they build on that capability.

    Huddle is nice, but since most people are not on it yet it doesn’t have the value yet.

    Sparks are interesting, but you are left with the Spark Editor deciding what shows and what doesn’t. I’d be much more impressed with your own private news clipping service that you control and manage over time.

    Both try to do Geo Tagging, but Google does a much better job. My guess is because Google already had that infrastructure in place within so many of their other products.

    Good Hunting.


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