Volkswagen India #anything4jetta Twitter Campaign

Volkswagen India has launached a anything4jetta campaign on Twitter for its new Jetta cars. It has also been supported by print ad with Times of India. Even the newspaper is printed in a unique style. By following volkswagenindia twitter account, users can participate in the campaign. They need to tweet anything wacky, creative with the handle #anythinh4Jetta. There is a grand prize of new Jetta Car for the cathcy tweet. TOI’s front page advt has already become a hot topic of the blogosphere. VW is known for creative campaigns & this is one of the big twitter campaigns in India. With the increase of social media, brands are turning to facebook & Twitter for campaigns & getting new users.


3 thoughts on “Volkswagen India #anything4jetta Twitter Campaign

  1. I`ll do anything for new jetta` walk backwards; climb staircases backwards; drive car in reverse gear & exercise head over heels(Shirshasan)


  2. ‘ill scratch ‘volksvagen’ on all the cars i see if there not volksvagen’s company , because i would love to see all the cars in bangalore of volksvagen company. . . #anything4jetta’


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