Facebook Advertising in India

With millions of Indians on facebook, companies are finding it easier to reach the audience through facebook. Some of the companies in India advertising on facebook include reliance mutual fund, Myntra, Kingfisher, Airtel, Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota & others. These ads are usually linked to a landing page or to facebook brand pages. Companies are using Facebook advt during the launch of a new product/service, to connect with their exisiting customers & others. It has been recently found that most of the users who like a brand page are already the customers of the product/service. So facebook marketing can also be used as a customer relationship marketing. Brands use it to announce special offers, limited edition products & others. Daily deal sites in India are also one of the major advertisers on facebook. Facebook has more than 750 million members & this provides a great source for the brands to connect with the customers.

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