Scandinavian Airlines TimeKiller App – A Creative Strategy

Scandinavian Airlines, which has won Europe’s most punctual Airline award in 2009 & 2010 and world’s most punctual airline in July & Aug 2011 has released an app called The TimeKiller App. Interestingly it is not targeted at the SAS customers. But at the rival airlines customers who face delays while travelling. Hold that thought, Spin the hamster, blow the propeller & others are some of the games available. This is useful to kiil the time when flights get delayed. This is a very creative marketing activity by SAS. Companies are increasingly using mobile apps as part of their marketing strategies. Availablle on Apple’s app store.


Google to shut down Google Buzz

Google will be closing down Google Buzz & Buzz API, the social networking tool, it had built into the email service, Gmail. Google which recently launched Google+ will be focussing on Google+ & is closing down many websites/services in recent times. Google health & powermeter have also been closed down by Google. Social networking is the future of internet & world’s top search engine wants to have a pie of the social networking space. Google Buzz, during its launch, has had its share of controversies. Facebook is the world’s top social networking site with more than 750 million members. Facebook recently launched Facebook timeline which will give marketers better opportunities. Many companies are now using social networking to reach the customers easily.

Singapore Cadbury Dairy Milk – Shioklaty Moments Campaign

Cadbury Dairy Milk Singapore has launched a unique campaign on facebook for users to share their shikolaty moments. It involves uploading a photo & a witty caption. If the entry is interesting enough & is liked by friends, it will be judged as the winner & will get its poster on bus shelter. The longest photo train wins. Also there is a grand prize of Fujifilm in-stax mini 7.

With more than 750 million members, facebook offers a great opportunity for marketers to try out new type of campaigns. Also most of the fans for brand pages are already customers & this helps in better customer retention programs & building rapport with the customers.

Google Analytics Real Time, Premium Accounts & Webmaster Tools

Google analytics has introduced real time data. This helps provide stats as it happens on the website. One can see the no. of visitors active on the site. It helps in social media measurement as to how many people visit through a twitter link, how many visitors are on the blog & etc. This is a siginificant step for GA moving towards real time data.
Also GA has introduced premium which provides higher level of data, advanced tools & many other features. They will have access to more tools, customer support for customized implementation & others.
Webmaster tools data can now be accessed in GA. This is available under search engine optimization. By linking both the accounts, one can get the webmaster tools data in GA. More details are available at Google Analytics Blog

Hyundai Eon in India – Social Media & Digital Marketing

Hyundai Eon has already creayted quite a wave in India going by the specifications of the car. Hyundai which earlier heralded small car era in India with Hyundai Santro is again going to change the Indian Automotive scene with Hyundai Eon. The Hyundai Eon India website also has a contest called Hey India What’s on where users can upload pics which is currently making headlines in India & depending on the number of likes users get a chance to win galaxy tab & ipods. This is a very unique way of marketing activity to launch a car. Recently car companies in India are launching innovative campaigns to attract new customers during the new launch. Social media is proving to be a great medium to launch new vehicles & connect with people. Hyundai Eon profile is available on Twitter, Youtube & Facebook. Companies are embracing Digital marketing now than traditional marketing in the initial stage of product launch to connect & build rapport with customers. And also to create awarness about the product & service as well.