Hyundai Eon in India – Social Media & Digital Marketing

Hyundai Eon has already creayted quite a wave in India going by the specifications of the car. Hyundai which earlier heralded small car era in India with Hyundai Santro is again going to change the Indian Automotive scene with Hyundai Eon. The Hyundai Eon India website also has a contest called Hey India What’s on where users can upload pics which is currently making headlines in India & depending on the number of likes users get a chance to win galaxy tab & ipods. This is a very unique way of marketing activity to launch a car. Recently car companies in India are launching innovative campaigns to attract new customers during the new launch. Social media is proving to be a great medium to launch new vehicles & connect with people. Hyundai Eon profile is available on Twitter, Youtube & Facebook. Companies are embracing Digital marketing now than traditional marketing in the initial stage of product launch to connect & build rapport with customers. And also to create awarness about the product & service as well.


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