Ford Social – Ford Fusion App

Ford, known for its social media activities in the automobile world, has once again created a new type of campaign for its 2013 Ford Fusion. Ford is known for its social media activities like Ford Fiesta movement, Google+ pages & others. Ford Fusion app is available for iphone & android devices & can be downloaded from . Once downloaded, the app can be activated by pointing it at any ford logo. One can unlock 19 unique driving courses, video content & the 2013 Ford Fusion on the revealing day at the show. Ford has created a name among the auto companies for successively using social media to reach out to customers, creating branding & others.


Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Brand Pages

With twitter’s launch of brand pages, marketers now have the opportunity to connect with customers easily. Brands started creating pages first on Facebook. It provided a great opportunity for customers to engage with the brand. Companies also started promotions of facebook pages providing offers to the customers. Later on when Google+ was launched, initially brands were not allowed to create the pages. Later on, Google+ allowed brand pages. Now, twitter has also joined the bandwagon of brand pages. Marketers having brand pages on all sites, should have a clear strategy across all the pages. Only a few brands have brand pages on twitter now.

Diesel QR Code Campaign

QR codes is used by marketers in developing rapport with the customers & also provide them with special offers. During the launch of new products to effectively reach the customers. Measuring QR code analytics helps marketers to find out ROI of their marketing campaign & also to increase their marketing effectiveness.
Diesel has introduced QR codes in their stores & you can Like a product by scanning a QR code which is then posted to your facebook wall. This is agreat step for integrating social media with shopping. This helps companies to target customers easily.