Microsoft Bing – From Decision Engine to Bing is for Doing

Microsoft which had positioned Bing as Decision Engine earlier is positioning it as Bing is for Doing now. This is going to be the new slogan for the search engine. Microsoft has recorded a new ad with American snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who was injured in a snowboarding accident & has returned to the slopes again. The campaign is from Publicis Groupe’s Razorfish. Google is still the leader in the search market & bing is slowly gaining the market share. JWT had earlier created the tagline for Bing. Google has been making new changes to search in order to gain higher market share & provide more relevent results.


Apple iOS vs Windows Phone vs Android vs Blackberry OS

With the increase in smartphones, mobile OS is playing a crucial role in the increase of mobile browsing. Apple iOS, Windows phone, android & blackberry OS are the top mobile OS. There are some other OS like brew, bada from samsung, meego, symbian & others. Nokia recently released Lumia 900 based on latest windows phone OS. This has received good response from the tech community. Apple iOS on iphone & its app store has taken the mobile world by storm. There are thosands of apps & have been downloaded millions of times. Google’s android is giving tough competition to Apple iOS. Android app store has also thousands of apps & gives great opportunity for smartphone users to variety of apps. All the 4 mobile OS are in the race to get a hold on the rapidly increasing mobile market.

Facebook Timeline Campaign – Israeli Anti-Drug Authority

World’s first Facebook timeline campaign has been created by McCann Digital for Israeli Anti-Drug Authority. This is a very creative use of the Facebook timeline & shows how it can be used to create marketing & advertising messages. Drug addicted guys life on one side & the other fit & healthy. This campaign has already become the talk of the blogosphere.

How to Create buzz for Pre-launch through Digital Marketing

Companies are using digital marketing to create buzz for pre-launch activities. social media, Mobile marketing, Teaser campaigns, microsites, banner ads, facebook/twitter & others are some of the methods used for buzz building. Contests on microsites can be used to create interest for the product/service. Sharing buttons for social media sites can also be embedded to encourage uses to share the info. Teaser Banner ads linking to a landing page is another commonly used method to create buzz.

Facebook, twitter, youtube & other social media sites provide great opportunites for pre-launch. Mobile apps & games realted to product/service also help in building buzz for the launch. Viral Videos on youtube provide a great opportunity to create buzz. A social media aggreagator can be used to provide all the info related to social media channels in one place. Fan pages can be created on facebook along with special offers/contests to increase the fan base. Contests like photos with maximum no. of likes, witty comments & others can be used as themes.

Top US Web Brands of 2011 – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Youtube & others

Nielsen has released the top US web brands of 2011. The list is an interesting mix of social media, search networks,smartphone makers & others. Social media sites like facebook, twitter have changed the very dimension of web. People are spending more time on such sites sharing videos, pics, status updates & others. This has made facebook race to the top 10 spot being at 2nd spot now. Some of the top US web brands are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, youtube & others. Even though the popularity of myspace has decreased, it still figures in the top 10 list of social media sites. Youtube is the top video network followed by Vevo. Google+ launched in 2011 by Google has been able to break into the top 10 list. Google’s earlier ventures into Social media space wasn’t so succesful & Google+ is proving to be a big break for Google in the social space. Click here for Nielsen’s top US web brands

Nokia Lumia – The Amazing Everyday