Top US Web Brands of 2011 – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Youtube & others

Nielsen has released the top US web brands of 2011. The list is an interesting mix of social media, search networks,smartphone makers & others. Social media sites like facebook, twitter have changed the very dimension of web. People are spending more time on such sites sharing videos, pics, status updates & others. This has made facebook race to the top 10 spot being at 2nd spot now. Some of the top US web brands are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, youtube & others. Even though the popularity of myspace has decreased, it still figures in the top 10 list of social media sites. Youtube is the top video network followed by Vevo. Google+ launched in 2011 by Google has been able to break into the top 10 list. Google’s earlier ventures into Social media space wasn’t so succesful & Google+ is proving to be a big break for Google in the social space. Click here for Nielsen’s top US web brands


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