How to Create buzz for Pre-launch through Digital Marketing

Companies are using digital marketing to create buzz for pre-launch activities. social media, Mobile marketing, Teaser campaigns, microsites, banner ads, facebook/twitter & others are some of the methods used for buzz building. Contests on microsites can be used to create interest for the product/service. Sharing buttons for social media sites can also be embedded to encourage uses to share the info. Teaser Banner ads linking to a landing page is another commonly used method to create buzz.

Facebook, twitter, youtube & other social media sites provide great opportunites for pre-launch. Mobile apps & games realted to product/service also help in building buzz for the launch. Viral Videos on youtube provide a great opportunity to create buzz. A social media aggreagator can be used to provide all the info related to social media channels in one place. Fan pages can be created on facebook along with special offers/contests to increase the fan base. Contests like photos with maximum no. of likes, witty comments & others can be used as themes.


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