Corporate Blogging & its Uses

Blogs have evolved into a new medium of communication for the companies to communicate with the customers. The way ideas are communicated can have an impact on the company overall. It is very difficult to engage the customers to read the blog. We have to be very creative in writingthe content for corporate blogs.

The factors which should be considered while corporate Blogging are:

The blog should promote the overall Company branding. Just going for a blog is notuseful. Blog is one of the powerful tools for promoting the brand value.There should be a team put in place in the company OR can be handed over to a PR agency to handle the blog.

The content should be checked thoroughly before posting onthe blog.The comments by the customers should be allowed subject to moderation. This is the most important thing in corporate Blogging. There should be guest Blogging by the VP, CEO or any top management frequently. Thiswill allow the customers to develop a good rapport with the company.There should also be a section for the employees to blog like Product Manager Blogginga bout the New product development.

The blog should be promoted through forum signature, email marketing, websites, pinging, company products & wherever possible. This helps know about the company blogWith the rise of Social networking & social media, it should be utilized in the blog properly. Videos of interview with the customers & employees, photos, customer testimonials, RSS feeds, subscribe to blog by email & others can be included in the blog.

This helps to get updates about the blog in real time for the customer.Blog must be updated regularly. This will help develop a confidence in the customer thathe is getting updates about the company & products.The blog can be a powerful tool if used properly. This can be used to take feedback aboutthe products/company/service & the same can be incorporated for improvement


Smoked by Windows Phone – Marketing Campaign

Microsoft’s smoked by windows phone has gone viral across the world after first starting in CES at Las Vegas. In India, Microsoft student partners ran similar events & the prize was flash drives. Nokia is also running an event called Blown Away by Nokia Lumia in India pitching Nokia Lumia against other phones. With the arrival smartphones, marketing & advt activities for phones has taken a big leap with companies devising innovative campaigns to reach out to new markets & consumers. Social media is also playing a big role in virally spreading the information.

Daily Deal Sites in India

Daily deal sites are becoming popular due to the great discounts, offers & special promotions they provide to the consumers. Groupon was one of the first brand to enter this market in US & since then has grown rapidly. Several daily deal sites have opened in India & some of it have also closed down or acquired by others. They find enough buyers to be eligible for discounts. Since many sites are launching regularly, they need to have USP to stand out in the crowd. Some of the sites are doing well & have also become a word of mouth marketing. One can purchase the coupons by paying the money mentioned against the deal through card, net banking & others.

Some of the deaily deal sites in india are Snapdeal, Timesdeal, Dealsandyou, Dealivore, Koovs, mydala, Crazeal, Khojguru & others

Apple unveils new iPad

Apple has unveiled a new iPad with sharper display & better features. This is the third version of the device & has the ability to connect with 4G Networks. The last version of iPad was called iPad 2 & the company has called the new version as the new iPad. The new iPad has four times as many pixels as the iPad 2 and more than some HD televisions. The new iPad has sharper display, higher processor speed & 4G network. With a slew of other tablets available in the market, Apple is leading the tablet market with improved versions released often. For the last few months, there was rumor of new iPad release & it has met the expectations of the market. The new iPad will be available from March 16 in the U.S.

Android Market to become Google Play

Google’s android market has grown tremondously since its launch. Google has also moved into areas where users can purchase books, music, renting movies & others online. Google is launching Google Play, combining the andorid market, books, movies & music. On the Android phone & tablet, the Android Market app will be upgraded to the Google Play Store app. This provides a great platform for Google to reach into other markets & also provides a platform to compete against Apple iTunes. Books, Music and Videos apps will become Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies, while the Android Market will become Play Store. Google Play is entirely cloud based so the music, movies, books & apps are stored online. 7 Days to Play sale campaign where Google is offering a different album, book, video rental & Android app at a special price each day for the next week.

Apple App Store hits 25 Billion Downloads

Apple’s app store has hit 25 billion downloads. A statement on the site reads A Billion thanks. 25 times Over. This is a great news for Apple as the App store has continued to remain the top apps destination despite the rise of Android store. Apple is expected to announce a new iPad in the coming days. Apple was also running a counter on the site showcasing the no. of downloads. Apple has not yet disclosed who is the winner & also the the app downloaded. Apple will give away $10,000 iTunes giftcard to the 25th billion app downloader. The App Store was launched in July 2008 & it reached 10 billion downloads in Jan 2011. Apple’s shares have hit a record high in the recent days making it the most valuable company.