London Olympics 2012 & Social Media

London Olympics will be the first Olympics event in the age of social media. When the last olympic event was held, social media was still in infancy. Today social media has grown enormously & has become mainstream. Social media is spreading the information like wild fire & in the olympics event will play an important role. London Olympics 2012 has its own official website & also lists links to its facebook, Twitter & youtube accounts. There are other social media sites like pinterest, Google+, foursquare & others which will also provide users with info on London Olympics 2012.


Youtube Testdrive – VW Jetta TSI

VW’s Jetta TSI youtube Testdrive campaign on youtube. This is a creative marketing strategy by VW to communicate about the product. One can ask question about the car & there are video replies to it. There is also like button for videos & can be shared. Also one can book the test drive for the car. VW has been at forefront of creative marketing in India & this helps brands connect better with the customers & also helps increase brand visibility.