Social media Command Center

With the rapid growth of social media, it is becoming important for companies to manage their social media aspects. People are constantly talking about brands, products, services & others on social media sites. This gives a rich amount of information to companies to mine & analyze. This also them to improve their service offering. Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, yelp & others are some of the important sites where there is constant flow of information. Many companies are setting up social media command centers to monitor the conversation. This helps them to get information & also provide responses to social media questions.


Ecommerce sites in India

Ecommerce investments in India is increasing & this has lead to an increase in the sites & also online shopping. The higher discreation income of people has resulted in online shopping & this can be done at the click of a mouse. Several of ecommerce sites are also into TV advt, sponsoring, print ads & others driving slaes, brand visibility & others. Many global players are also looking at India & several brick & mortar companies have launched online commerce sites. Some of the such online shopping sites include,,,, flipkart, jabong, & others. New sites are being launched in most of the categories from baby products shopping to mobile phones & others. This has also created new job opportunities. Also special offers, promo codes & others help drive sales during holidays, festivals & others.

Google’s Tablet App Quality Checklist

With the release of Apple’s ipad tablet, market for tablets is increasing significantly & several android based tablets is being released. This provides a huge opportunity for android based apps for tablets. Google has released a tablet app quality checklist for apps. The checklist has been listed under 10 points & it is a great read for any developer. This would help develop great quality apps. Optimize the layout, use the extra screen area, fonts, adjust home screen widgets & others are some of the points to be taken care of. Complete list can be accessed from here.

Using Social Media for Market Research

Social media is playing a key role in marketing activities. Now facebook has more than 1 billion members. Other social media sites like twitter, tumblr, youtube, linkedin & others are also growing. This has made the companies to use social data for market research activities. Data can also be obtained from chat, ratings, polls, surveys, voting, review sites & others. People know about the brands through social media & also share their purchasing & other experiences. Consumer ratings are used by people before deciding about the product. Such data helps market research lower costs, speed up the process & also helps better decision making.

Many analytic service providers have started including social media data in reports & this can also be used for research purposes. Top brands are mentioned by users regularly in conversation & this helps them uncover many insights. Social media listening is playing an important role in research. With the use of smartphones, more people are using social media & this helps tapping into data related to localization.

Facebook hits 1 Billion Users

Facebook, world’s top social networking site, has reached a new milestone of 1 Billion users. Mark Zuckerberg made the statement on Facebook. Facebook has been growing strongly in India, Brazil & other countries. It officially hit the 1 billion user mark on Sept. 14. Facebook also went public recently. It debuted at $38 a share. Facebook’s mobile site is also receving millions of users & it has been aggressively pushing its mobile strategy. It has also released a fact sheet on 1 billion people. Facebook has become a part of marketing strategy for all the companies & it is playing a critical role in providing visibility to the companies & brands. More than 1.13 trillion likes since launch of like in Feb 2009 & it has become a critical parameter to measure the success of brand pages. Billions of photos have been uploaded & millions of songs have been played.