Microsoft launches Scroogled

Microsoft’s Scroogle is an anti Google campaign targeting its pay to rank shopping practices. On the website it is given as “when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled”. Recently there was another ad campaign from MS called Bing it on targeting search results. There is also PDF docs in the website showing the respective search site’s position. One can also submit their stories on bing’s facebook page.


Psy’s Gangnam Style becomes YouTube’s most viewed Video

Psy’s Gangnam style has become the most watched video on youtube on saturday with more than 800 million views. It was Beiber’s Baby video which had held the top position in Youtube views. Psy’s video was uploaded 4 months ago & since then it has become an internet sensation. Several parodies of the video have been created. The song is named after the Gangnam district of Seoul & shows the consumerism of that place. If the views of parooides & others are also taken into consideration, it will exceed billions of views. It has also the largest number of likes. Beiber’s baby was uploaded 2 years ago.

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Bing webmaster guidelines provide guidance on links, SEO, social media, content & others. These can be accessed under the content guidelines section. Technical part covers robots.txt, sitemap, site technology, redirects & others. It calls out to avoid cloaking, link schemes, social media schemes & duplicate content. They have also introduced Bing webmaster webinars covering different topics during Nov to Feb. More information about the webinars can be found here. From an SEO point of view, it covers all the major important issues.404 pages best practices is also included covering no advt, page returns a 404 status code & smart 404 pages.

Social Media Content Analysis

With the rapid growth of social media, it is important for brands, products, services & others to have social media strategies in place. There are various types of content that can be used in social media like video, pics, audio, posts, stories & others. The selection of a particular type of content depends on the promotion, type of audience, type of brand & others. Sometimes the engagement will be more with video or may be with pics depending on the type of post. When posting in facebook, number of likes, shares & comments need to be taken into consideration. In youtube, number of comments, views, time duration video is viewed & other factors can be considered. Pics can also be posted in pintarest, instagram, flickr & others for visual marketing.