Hyundai India – Write your i10 Story Contest

Hyundai India has a new contest called Write your i10 story. The details about the contest is available at, the official website. In this, participants have to draft a screenplay for the next commercial of i10. the draft can be uploaded to the website in audio, video & text formats. With the automobile market reaching new levels in India, automakers are trying to increase their brand visibility through various methods of advt.This provides an opportunity for winners to perform in a TV ad with Shah Rukh Khan, the brand ambassador for Hyundai i10 in India. One can also give a missed call at a number given in the website & they will get a call back for their i10 story.


Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has introduced graph search. facebook has more than 1 billion members, 1 trillion connections & 240 billion photos. To navigate through these, facebook has introduced graph search. This is in beta now & available in english. Facebook has become the top social networking site. Graph search uses phrases to find the people, places, photos & other relevent information. Some of the examples include movies my friends liked, places my friends visited & others. Graph search follows the current privacy settings. More info about the graph search is available at

Google Zeitgeist 2012

Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 provides the most popular & hottest trending search terms from around the world. There are 838 lists from 55 countries. There is also an android app for Google Zeitgeist.An interactive map has also been added showing the most searched terms across the globle. Some of the most happening events of 2012 topped the chart like death of Whitney Houston, PSY’s Gangnam style, 2012 olympics event & others. Jeremy Lin topped the athletes list & ipad 3 in consumer electronics list.