Citibank OMG! & Google’s GOSF sale – Online Shopping festivals in India

With the booming of e commerce in India, several online shopping sites have launched recently & creating a lot of buzz online. These provide the advantages of easy shopping, on time delivery, EMI’s & others. Several big names like Citibank, Google have launched online shopping festivals in India. Citibank’s was called OMG! sale & it was on Dec 5th. The sale had 17 websites & this helped provide value proposition to customers. Customers also had easier access to a wide variety of products at great bargains. Google’s GOSF sale was held on Dec 12 & 50 ecommerce websites had participated in it. Google had also launched website for the purpose of online shopping festival. This provides a great push for e commerce sites as well with good conversion rates. Also coupon codes would provide more discounts as well.

One thought on “Citibank OMG! & Google’s GOSF sale – Online Shopping festivals in India

  1. Shikha

    Such online shopping festivals are a sign of how an Indian consumer is shifting focus from brick and mortar to online stores. Most importantly, they prove to be a platform which fosters a symbiotic relationship for all stake holders including the customers. After personally experiencing the GOSF last year in India, I personally look forward to such events which are set to offer mega discounts. Just googled a lil and was delighted to know that my favourite baby & kids store is getting ready with some exciting offers which according to them are going to be a big surprise for first time buyers as well their regular patrons. Just cannot wait for the GOSF 2013 Offers at


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