Role of Digital Marketing in Medical Tourism in India

Digital marketing plays an important role in the medical tourism. Affordable healthcare in India has attracted many foreign nationals to seek for operation & treatment in India. Those desirous of getting treatment in India can have information on the available treatment through the internet. On the net, information is available through reviews, hospital websites & social networking profiles.

Hospitals should have a proper strategy in place to check & check the info on review websites. Any negative reviews would discourage those planning to seek treatment. The testimonials on the website offer crucial links & help develop a positive perception about the hospital. They should have a presence on all the major social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, instagram & others. There should be regular blogging by leading consultants which would help drive away any fear related to getting treated in a foreign country. SEO on the websites can be done to optimize for top keywords which drives traffic. With mobile & tablet browsing on the rise, the sites should be optimized for them as well. Instagram, Pinterest & other visual based marketing sites provide a great platform by posting pics of the facilities & equipment available. Users can be involved by asking questions, reviewing the feedback given by them & others. Apps can also be developed for Android, iphone & other platforms. Cutting edge medical care helps in increasing the life span.

Top hospitals in India like Apollo, Manipal Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Narayana hrudayala  & others have a presence on Facebook & other social media sites. This would help them establish visibility, drive traffic to their sites & also help in medical tourism.


SRK’s Frooti Vs Katrina’s Slice Vs Imran Khan & Parineeti Chopra’s Maaza

SRK quenches his thirst with the soccer team watching him. The soccer team grows up watching him drink Frooti. A perfect combination of SRK, soccer team & the background music gives a great visibility for Mango frooti. Katrina kaif is the brand ambassador for Slice. Slice advt has Katrina kaif, a young man and another woman with a background music. The man chooses between Slice & another mango drink. Imran Khan and Parineeti Chopra are the brand ambassadors for Maaza. They would be featured for the first time for this ad. This mango drink is from Coco Cola.

So this summer, there is a fight among Parle’s Frooti, Coke’s Maaza & Pepsi’s Slice. With the summer reaching its peak & to quench the thirst, companies are roping in brand ambassadors to build visibility & reach customers easily. Brands are roping Bollywood & Cricket stars as ambassadors to their products.

How Banks are using Social Media in India

With the globalization setting its foot in India in the 90’s, banking sector has witnessed a lot of changes. Competition among the banks led to the marketing activities by the banks in promoting their loans, credit cards, personal loans & others. Several foreign banks also set up their branches in India. Internet banking & ATM heralded a new wave of technology for the banks.

Banks have been using social media to connect with the customers, announce new offers & other activities. For ex: HDFC bank twitter account lists all the social media profiles of the bank. This is a very great move by the bank as it helps customers easily access all the profiles. HDFC facebook page has also lakhs of likes & frequent updates. Another bank, Axis bank has also listed all their social media profiles on their home page & also on their twitter page with thousands of followers. With lakhs of likes on their facebook pages. They also have a youtube profile

It is always a good practice to have profiles across all the social media sites & links to other profiles displayed in all the profiles. This helps customers connect easily. Also they can be used to address customer concerns, problems & others. The data found in the profiles can also be used to improvement of the operations. Facebook, twitter, youtube & linkedin are the top social media sites across the banking industry to connect with the customers. Pinterest, flickr, instagram, Google+ & others are also used to connect with the customers.

Top Facebook Brand Pages in India – Tata Docomo, MTV India, Samsung Mobile India & others

Socialbakers, which measures brands on social media, has released the India Q1 Facebook Report. India has 61 million Facebook members. This helps drive digital marketing activities. Tata Docomo has the highest number of Local fans followed by Vodafone Zoozoos & Nokia India. MTV India is the top facebook Media page by local fans followed by India & Bindass. Samsung Mobile India is the top socially Devoted brand followed by Airtel India . Tata Docomo has 13 millions fans with around 11 million local fans. Nokia India, Fastrack, Samsung Mobile India & kingfisher. Secret Engagement with engagement rate of 4.3% stands top by engagement rate followed by Amity University. Among the newspapers Times of India has the highest number of fans.

Many companies in India have succesfully adopted Social media into their Marketing campaigns. Most of the ads have a microsite with facebook, twitter, youtube profile. With the increase of mobile internet, more people are accessing social networks on their smartphones fueeling the social media growth. More info about the Indian facebook brands can be had at Socialbakers website.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 & Role of Social Media

Social media is playing a critical role in this year’s assembly elections in Karnataka to reach out to the urban youths. BJP, Congress & JDS have their social media profiles on Facebook, youtube, Twitter & Google+. Facebook has many official pages of contesting candidates & present MLA’s. In just a short span of 5 years, social media has become a popular tool for the parties to reach out to voters. Ads of the candidates are also coming up on Facebook.

Google+ hangout is a great avenue for the candidates to interact with voters. The official websites of the parties also have links to these profiles. With the increase in the internet penetration & more people going social, it helps parties to tap into the huge member base of social networking sites. To increase the interaction, they can ask questions, value the feedback provided by the voters & also post pics/videos. Below are some of the links to the profiles of the parties.

Karnataka Congress:

Karnataka JD(S):

Karnataka BJP:

Role of Social Media in Indian Premier League (IPL)

Social Media is proving to be a boon for Brands & teams in Indian Premier League. Social Media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter, youtube & others are providing a constant stream of real time information. Teams can keep up with their fans by providing information on team members, score, players information & others. This fuels a great deal of conversation among the fans. Photos & Videos of the matches results in higher engagement & amplification. Youtube is providing live streams of the matches & also hangouts attracting the fans. Reach of the teams is also increasing across facebook, twitter & others.

For sponsors & their brands, social media helps in increasing their social media profiles reach, know what they are talking about brands & others. They can measure the sentiment of the conversation & take appropriate actions. Companies are using particular hashtags to tweet. On the IPL official website & also on IPL youtube stream a wealth of social media information related to the IPL is available.

With the increasing influence of social media, companies are spending more budget on digital marketing. They are setting up social media command centers to analyze & keep up with the customers. Innovative campaigns & promotions have been made by companies to increase their visibility & to target new markets.

Google Play Books & Movies now in India

Google has launched books & movies on Google play in India. Movies are available for rental & purchase in India. This service is currently available in 13 countries now. With the booming of Indian mobile market, it makes a perfect move for Google to make available movies on Google play. Books have also been added to the Google play which ranges from Indian titles to classics. Many international best sellers are also available in the store. Books can be read across mobile, tablets & computer. Google recently started selling Nexus 7 mobile devices online in India as well. This is the first time Google is selling a device in India to a customer through its Google Play Store. Also available on Google Play is apps with a wide range of categories in both free & paid versions. Google play was earlier knows as the Android market.

Social media in India

Social media in India has become one of the important part of marketing. All the promotions launched have usually a microsite, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube profile . Auto makers in India have been using social media aggressively to
reach new markets.  VW, maruti Suzuki and others are using social media.  Companies are  using contests, coupons, other innovative ways to reach customers. Mobile marketing combined with social media is proving to be a boon to marketers.

Sentiment analysis provides insights to what customers are talking about company. Companies are allocating marketing budget to social media. Even movie trailers are made and released for social media to garner interest.several companies are setting up social media command centers to track conversation.

Google Universal Analytics

With the growth of mobiles, tablet devices & others, it has become challenging to understand analytic data from multiple sources & use it effectively. Google’s universal analytics helps business address many such concerns easily. Universal analytics is the evolution of Google analytics. Universal analytics helps in online/offline data sync, performance of the mobile apps, how customers interact via an array of devices & others. It uses analytics.js tracking code & paste it to head section of the website. The javascript library has been changed to analytics.js from ga.js. Google Tag Manager can also be used to implement Universal Analytics. Some of the other features available include multi platform tracking, custom dimensions & metrics, select new feature releases & others. Google has been very active in improving the features of Google analytics & adding new features.