Role of Digital Marketing in Medical Tourism in India

Digital marketing plays an important role in the medical tourism. Affordable healthcare in India has attracted many foreign nationals to seek for operation & treatment in India. Those desirous of getting treatment in India can have information on the available treatment through the internet. On the net, information is available through reviews, hospital websites & social networking profiles.

Hospitals should have a proper strategy in place to check & check the info on review websites. Any negative reviews would discourage those planning to seek treatment. The testimonials on the website offer crucial links & help develop a positive perception about the hospital. They should have a presence on all the major social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, instagram & others. There should be regular blogging by leading consultants which would help drive away any fear related to getting treated in a foreign country. SEO on the websites can be done to optimize for top keywords which drives traffic. With mobile & tablet browsing on the rise, the sites should be optimized for them as well. Instagram, Pinterest & other visual based marketing sites provide a great platform by posting pics of the facilities & equipment available. Users can be involved by asking questions, reviewing the feedback given by them & others. Apps can also be developed for Android, iphone & other platforms. Cutting edge medical care helps in increasing the life span.

Top hospitals in India like Apollo, Manipal Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Narayana hrudayala  & others have a presence on Facebook & other social media sites. This would help them establish visibility, drive traffic to their sites & also help in medical tourism.


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