Top Twitter Brands in India – NDTV, Times of India, MTV, IPL, CNN-IBN & others

Microblogging in India is emerging as a favorite medium for breaking news, sharing opinion/thoughts & for brand building activities. Twitter is the top microblogging platform in India & has become the favorite of the corporate world for their marketing activities. Pepsi is promoting the IPL hashtag in this season’s IPL, VW India also used Twitter for their #anything4Jetta campaign. Hashtags seems to have taken over the marketing campaigns & they are also commonly seen in Advts.

US, Brazil, Japan, UK & India are some of the top countries for Twitter. Some of the top Indian twitter brands are NDTV, Times of India, MTV, IPL, CNN-IBN, Vodafone India, Tata DoCoMo & many IPL cricket teams. IPL cricket teams are engaging with the audience with interesting tweets & also some of the top facebook brands are active on Twitter as well. Among the sectors, Entertainment, media, sports, telecom & Newspapers are topping the charts. Many advanced analytic programs provide deep dive analysis in to the audience share & engagement helping brands to better connect with the users.


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