Facebook’s growth & amazing new Stats on Facebook

Facebook, the numero uno social networking site in the world, has recorded tremendous growth in the past year. Facebook has released some impressive stats about the site. Facebook is making rapid moves into the mobile space. It recently launched Facebook home as well. It has been listed on the stock exchange & at present has no competitors nearing it in numbers. Google launched Google+ which is still lagging in members count compared to Facebook. & Some of the stats include

* 4.5 billion likes generated daily as of May 2013. This is up by 67% compared to likes in Aug 2012.
* 4.75 Billion content items shared daily in May’13 up by 94% in Aug’12
* 1.11 billion active users as of march’13
* 665 Million daily active users up by 26% from Mar’12
* 751 Million monthly mobile active users
* Facebook made a bold move of acquiring Instagram. It has got 100 million active users
* $1.46 billion revenue in Q1 of 2013 up by 38% YTY
* 4900 employees at Facebook

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