BNP Paribas Tweet and Shoot Campaign – Lets Twitter Users train Tsonga

French bank, BNP Paribas, has launched a new campaign called “Tweet and Shoot”. This is a twitter tennis game, that uses twitter-controlled robot to launch tennis balls at French Player Tsonga live on a tennis court. BNP Paribas has been sponsoring French Open for the last 40 years & this is a great campaign to mark it. Being trained by fans is a great leap in social media & technology. This is also a way for BNP Paribas to celebrate 40 years of partnership with Roland-Garros.

Users can log in through twitter & position the tennis ball by drag & drop on the virtual court. The robot in the court is connected through 3G to twitter & users tweets are selected at random to fire tennis balls at Tsonga. The shot is also allocated a hashtag & tweeted out with a message. Robot can fire the balls at various angles. The tweet hashtags are #TWEETANDSHOOT & #40A.

We Are Social is the brain behind this amazing use of twitter & technology for this innovative branding & marketing activity. Social Media has helped companies connect with a large number of users for marketing activities. Here is the link to the BNP Paribas Tweet and Shoot Campaign


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