UCLA Health Uses Vine & Instagram to Video Tweet Brain Surgery

Hospitals are using social media tools to let the public know about the operations, medical procedures & also live tweet surgeries. The patients are also willing to share their personal moments & this gives others a degree of confidence in undergoing such ops. UCLA health system is live tweeting the brain surgery of a patient for implementing a brain pacemaker to counteract the effects of parkinson’s disease. Vine & Instagram are also being used to send out the updates. University of California, Los Angeles Health system is the first to use 6 second Vine video as part of its social media activities.

The patient is awake during the surgery & plays his guitar, which has been recorded on Vine. Medical professionals are using social media to help raise the awareness & also to educate, ally fears of surgery. This is UCLA Health System’s first live-tweet surgery with a Vine video. This also helps raise awareness about Brain pacemakers which many are not aware of. Nader Pouratian, MD, and the deep brain stimulation team at UCLA are celebrating their 500th patient implanted with a brain pacemaker.

Vine has become a new tool for creative marketing activities. Many brands are using Vine to create brand visibility, promotions & digital marketing activities. This twitter’s answer to Facebook’s instagram. Dunkin Donuts is using Vine for a promotion of how it keeps the fans active & alert & fans can submit 6 second vine videos as part of the promotion.

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