Google updates Hot searches with Top charts & Visualization

Want to know what the world is searching for? Google has updated its Trends with new info, visualization & charts. This provides the exhaustive amount of info on what is happening across the world.

Top Charts – Explore everything from Actors to animals to Whiskies. Currently this is available only for US. More countries wlll be coming soon. This is updated monthly & available from 2004. You can check out what are top 10 whiskies, car companies & others. This can also be embedded & can be shared across Facebook, twitter & Google+. This is based on Knowledge graph & takes into account various parameters before providing the top 10 rankings. There is also a category available in the left column which can be used to filter by various groups.

Hot searches – Visualize : Hot searches are now available in beautiful visualization. This is available by countries & the layout can be customized.

A search box at the top can be used to know about the search volumes. Hot searches can also be embedded and can be shared across Google+, Facebook, twitter.



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