Amazon Launches – Online Marketplace in India

Amazon has launched, an online marketplace in India. This has been launched by Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd, an company. With the ever-increasing Indian internet population, rising income levels & convenience of purchasing online, Indian online retailing is attracting global giants. Due to Indian laws prohibiting direct retailing by Foreign companies on the net, Amazon has gone for a different business model. In this, Amazon will not own any merchandise sold but will act as platform for any retailer who wants to sell his products. Books, movies & TV shows are currently available with mobile phones & cameras coming in the weeks ahead.

This provides Indian customers with a wide selection, low prices, offers, fast & reliable delivery. The company has launched 2 new programs, ‘Selling on Amazon’ and ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’. This provides Indian retailers to sell their products online easily & with access to great Amazon technology. This is also accessible on mobile devices. This would provide a tough competition to Indian online retailers.


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