Mercedes-Benz to use QR Codes on Cars to help Save Lives

Think QR codes are passe? Here is a new technology from Mercedes-Benz using QR codes. This would help save lives during emergency or in accidents. Two QR codes will be placed on Mercedes Benz vehicles, which would provide the rescuers all the information on how to safely rescue the victims. This would give the important information required which would prevent unnecessary cutting through required during emergency. Every Second & action counts during emergency.

A printed rescue sheet ( Which informs on location of the airbags, the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders) kept inside a mangled car is of little use to firefighters or rescuers during accident. Rescuers have to identify the make and model so they can then pull up the appropriate rescue sheet and enter the vehicle safely. This consumers a lot of time & this is where the Mercedes-Benz QR code comes in.

All the vehicles from Mercedes-Benz this year will have 2 QR codes sticker. The Mercedes-Benz QR codes help identify the vehicle & direct the rescuer to the website with the required rescue sheet quickly. One QR code will be placed on the fuel tank flap & while the other will be put on the B-pillar on the opposite side.

Also the company won’t be patenting the technology, allowing all the car makers to make use of this. This would help save lives during emergencies. Also QR codes can be easily read using smartphone or tablets with a built in camera.



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