Internet Explorer India – #Shovel App & Twitter #Contest for IE10

Microsoft Internet Explorer India has launched an app called #Shovel, which analyses your Facebook profile & provides a wide range of statistics about your profile. There is also contest on twitter where you can answer the questions based on your #shovel results & win exciting prizes. These programs are part of their promotions for IE10 Browser. These apps are best designed to work on IE10. Internet Explorer India is showcasing “Social life- re imagined by Internet Explorer.”

With high competition in the browser space among Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer has gone for a social media based promotion to highlight their browser. You can click on ‘Start digging’ on the home page of the app to start with Shovel. The app gives you the stats on your Photos, Tags, Friends, Likes and Updates. I did try the app for my profile & the app returned a wonderful stats on friends who are tagged, how many pics you have been tagged, friends based on geos, the number of likes on your photos, likes done by you & other information.




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