Krrish 3 Movie & Role of Social Media in its Promotion

Bollywood has been using social media like Facebook, twitter, YouTube & others for promoting movies & to create buzz around it. Micro sites are also launched to provide updates to the fans. Live chat & Google+ hangout with the stars of the movies is done. Teaser clips & songs are released on YouTube. The number of views on Youtube has become a vital parameter in deciding the success of the film. Other sites like Tumblr, pinterest & others are also used to update with images & videos.

Krrish series has become one of the most successful movie in Bollywood. To promote the new Krrish 3 movie, a new microsite has been released. Twitter hashtag #Krrish3firstlook was promoted to reveal the Krrish 3 movie first look. The higher the number of tweets with this #Krrish3firstlook, microsite was designed to reveal more & more of the first look. A Krrish 3 facebook page with 353K likes is also up for promoting the movie. Krrish 3 Official Motion Poster has also been posted on Youtube. A Wikipedia entry on Krrish 3 has been created with complete info on the star cast & other details.


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