Narendra Modi (#NaMo) & Social Media – How Social Media is Shaping his PM Role?

Narendra Modi is the most mentioned Political Leader on Social Media in India. Modi is followed by other Indian Politicians like Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & others. Narendra Modi’s Social Media networks are: Facebook, twitter, google+, flickr, pinterest, youtube & tumblr. The engagement level of the fan on every post is good for Narendra Modi. It was Barrack Obama, the US president, who first made use of Social media on a massive scale, in the US presidential elections. Gujarat Chief minister has really made himself a brand and highly accepted as a leader on social media platforms. The reach, engagement & amplification has provided him with a great visibility.

His recent visit to Uttarakhand during the massive floods got a high visibility on social media. Caste, religion, attack on the govt over corruption, education & others are some of the topics garnering him the conversation in social media circles. He has also a great team techies who are advising him on the social media activities. Social Media will play a key role in the 2014 elections. With high internet penetration & increasing social media, tech savvy population will have a decisive role in the elections. There are also mobile apps which help connect with the mobile users.



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