The Idea Caravan – Vedic Maths Would Help India to be a Developed Nation

Born in the Vedic Age, unkown for centuries, this mathematical calculation system was discovered towards the beginning of the 20th century. Certain texts called Ganita Sutras, which contained mathematical deductions, were ignored, because no one could find any mathematics in them. These texts, it’s believed, have led to vedic mathematics.

The Big issue Gaurav Tekriwal is talking about is how to spread the knowledge of vedic maths & how to make it relevent in India, which is the birthplace of Vedic Maths. India has contributed zero to the world. India has many great many mathematicians like Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Ramanujam & others. Inspite of this, India stands at 73 out of 74 countries in the study of science & maths globally. This is the pathetic story of our country. Gaurav Tekriwal’s Vedic Maths would definitely help India get a top position in mathematics.

Some of the challenges faced are copyright, patents, very little knowledge about vedic maths & others. He successfully fought against all these hurdles to establish the footprint for it. This is a great achievement by Gaurav popularizing the Vedic maths. He met the Shankaracharya, Shakuntala Devi & others to learn the basics of this study & spread the knowledge about it. We should be grateful to Gaurav Tekriwal for bringing the attention of the world to Vedic maths. Even students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) are said to be using this ancient technique for quick calculations. Indian yoga, Ayurveda, Food & many other traditional items have become popular across the globe. Similarly, vedic maths should also get its due recognition.

Many countries have already shown interest in this subject & is being popularized in Romania, UAE, South Africa & others. It is hightime our govt takes note of the current standing of India in global rankings & take measures to bring the country back to its glorious era. Our country has numerous great institutions & vedic maths will help a lot in R & D. Involving developed countries like US, UK, European union & others to use the knowledge of Vedic maths to solve the complex mathematical problems facing the world. St James’ School, London, and other schools have been teaching Vedic system, with notable success.

Dr, Abdul kalam’s Vision of Developed India can be achieved with a strong base of Science, mathematics & logic. Vedic maths provides a great foundation to achieve good understanding of basic maths & science. This will help our country develop technological prowess & build us into a developed country. A great deal of research is also being done on how to develop more powerful and easy applications of the Vedic sutras in geometry, calculus, and computing. Western countries have an edge over other developing countries mainly due to their fundamental skills in Maths & science. Gaurav Tekriwal’s knowledge of Vedic maths would help our country in becoming a developed country.

Following are some of the measures to be taken to implement vedic Maths in India

1) State govt’s should introduce Vedic maths in primary & middle schools to help learn Maths

2) Govt should set up research institue on Vedic maths to spread the knowledge & also to discover & innovate in this field.

3) It should be promoted with special funds.

4) Road shows, online events, webinars, contests & other interesting activties can be carried out to promote Vedic maths.

5) Special grants, scholrships & other benefits can be extended to students who excel in vedic maths.

6) TV, Radio & programs in media can be started to increase the awarness about Vedic Maths.

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5 thoughts on “The Idea Caravan – Vedic Maths Would Help India to be a Developed Nation

  1. Swati

    Nice info. Thanks!
    I found an online Vedic Mathematics course for teachers by Gaurav Tekriwal, founder President of The Vedic Maths Forum India.
    This course has its focus on creating more value to teacher’s current skill set by adding more knowledge about ancient methods of calculation. Vedic Maths not only improving the calculation speed but will add more horizon and will fetch more opportunities for the teachers to teach in some coaching Institutes that will equip the students appearing for competitive exams.
    Bonus- The learner will get a lifetime Certification to be presented in the resume along with the 8DVD set so that he can learn offline at his own ease which would also include test papers for self practice.
    I shall enroll in this course once my finances get ok..DVDs please me as a help.
    Visit Online Certified Course on Vedic Mathematics, click here.


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